If you are a school-going student, geometry would be your favourite module to learn and understand. However, there are many shapes involved in this mathematical module like triangles, squares, circles and others. Most of the students feel the circle is easy to draw, and their mathematical formulas are easy to learn. One of the popular mathematical formulas related to the circle is calculating the Area of a Circle.

Now, most of you are finding it very easy to get an accurate result on the same. But there are many students whose calculation power is not like yours. We brought this blog that mentioned the simple process to calculate circle area for them. Keep reading this post.

Simple Strategy to Calculate Circle Area

  1. First try to find the radius.

Remember that the conventional formula of finding the circle’s area is pi multiplied by the radius the whole square. In this formula, pi will remain the same because it is a universal constant. But, finding the radius is challenging for a few of the students. In that case, it is recommended to find the radius first and then calculate the area

Now, to get the value of radius, either you can measure it from scale or divide the diameter value by 2. After all, the radius is half of the diameter. Those who are unaware of the diameter, then remember that it is a line segment that passes through the centre of a circle. Besides, this diameter only divides the circle into two equal parts.

  1. Radius the whole square

See, we are briefing you on the calculation of the area of the circle step by step. So, this is the next step after finding the radius. It is to square the radius. If the value you calculated for the radius is 7 then its square will be 49. Students who have a problem in remembering the squares of every number can also do the multiplication process, but it will be time-consuming.

Most of the students remember squares till 10 but not beyond that. As a result, they do not get the desired outcome and effective results in examinations. So, we suggest that you emphasize your calculation skills and learn squares of numbers as much as possible. Not for the present, but in the future it will definitely help you. Especially in competitive exams and higher studies no matter what kind of technical course you will pursue.

  1. Now comes the Pi

The ‘pi’ is a universal constant that has the value of 3.14. Well, it is the round figure. If you are looking for the exact value, it is 22/7 that equals 3.141592653589793238. So, to make your calculation easier, we suggest taking 3.14 only in your calculation. Now, whatever value you got after doing squares of the radius, it is the time to multiply with ‘pi’, which means 3.14.

You can use a manual method or calculator for the calculation. And whatever answer you get, it is time to cross check with the provided ones if it matches, kudos! You understood how to calculate the area of a circle. If not, retry and check where you went wrong. You will definitely land up getting an accurate answer.

Final words

Calculating the area of a circle is not a challenging job. You need to follow the measures we mentioned in this blog and enhance your mathematical skills. Sometimes you can find the area with the help of Circumference of a Circle. For that, you need to improve your mathematical knowledge because it is a challenging part for which skills are required.