Brutal Force is a new player in the legal steroid market, creating a range of products that emulate the best steroids on the market. 

It also has a cutting agent, based on clenbuterol — a fat burner that many men and women take all over the world. 

Clenbuterol is used by elite bodybuilders to help get shredded for a competition, average people wanting to look good on the beach; and even celebrities in a bid to keep their bodies tip top. 

Fat gains can come as a person ages or gets slack with their diet. For many, it’s easy to pile on the weight — but not so easy to lose it. 

Clenbuterol Benefits 

There is no miracle diet pill that will magically strip away all of your fat in a few weeks, whilst you pig out on doritos and dip. However, clenbuterol is possibly the closest drug on the planet to a miracle fat burner; with it stimulating a person’s metabolism significantly. 

Clenbuterol shifts the body into a state of thermogenesis, causing core body temperature to rise. To regulate temperature back down to normal, the body increases sweating which contributes to additional calorie burn throughout the day. 

Thus, in short, a person will burn more calories at rest when taking clenbuterol, improving the chances of that person eating in a calorie deficit and losing fat.

Clenbuterol has also shown to have anabolic effects (similar to steroids), albeit more mild. However, these are more common in animal research; with humans still debating whether clenbuterol has the ability to add lean muscle. 

However, it’s fair to assume that if you are eating fewer calories on clenbuterol, the body is less likely to eat up muscle (compared to if you didn’t have assisting supplements). 

Clenbuterol Drawbacks 

However, the drawbacks of clenbuterol are still enough to put some people off taking it — no matter how much they want to lose fat. 

Some people will even end their cycles early, because of discomfort on clen. 

By discomfort, the main side effect of clenbuterol is jitters and anxiety. This occurs because it’s a powerful stimulant, provoking big surges in adrenaline. This can also result in insomnia, which if it keeps a person from sleeping adequately; is going to interfere with fat loss. 

Also clenbuterol dramatically speeds up heart rate and may result in some individuals experiencing high blood pressure. Thus, if a person has existing high blood pressure or heart disease runs in the family — they should avoid clenbuterol. 

Clenbuterol can also cause excessive sweating, flushed skin and depression (due to serotonin levels being depleted in the brain). 

CCut vs Clenbuterol

In comparison, CCut is perfectly safe to take and 100% legal to buy (unlike clenbuterol). 

This is because CCut contains ingredients that have already been approved by the FDA.

Thus, customers can be confident that what they’re putting in their body is safe, natural and won’t reproduce the uncomfortable side effects of clen. 

CCut replicates the ‘heating up’ effects of clen, which is key in stimulating the metabolism; thanks to the following ingredients:

  • Niacin
  • Guarana 

These are natural stimulants that not only will aid in fat burning, but will also provide an increase in energy levels. This type of energy is constant and won’t result in ‘crashes’ that are associated with clen or ephedra. 

CCut also contains bitter orange and garcinia cambogia which will help to suppress appetite and control insulin levels, creating a more optimal environment for burning fat. 

Muscle and strength gains are unlikely based on CCut’s ingredients, however due to increased energy and adrenaline; this may indirectly help during workouts to lift heavier weights or perform more repetitions. 

If users would like to burn fat with CCut, but also build muscle; it would be worth stacking it with some of Brutal Force’s bulking supplements, such as:

  • DBulk (dianabol)
  • SBulk (sustanon)
  • Tbulk (trenbolone)
  • Abulk (anadrol)

CCut is the only cutting agent in the Brutal Force range at the moment, however customers can expect an anavar and winstrol alternative in the future; if they plan on mimicking Crazy Bulk’s product line. 

Is CCut For You? 

If you want to burn fat and increase muscle tone, CCut is for you. 

If you are wary of clenbuterol’s side effects, and being healthy is just as important as looking good — CCut is for you. 

For maximum fat loss, combine supplementation with a calorie deficit diet and regular workouts (3-4 times per week). 

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