For the past few years, numerology has been a very interesting topic. However, not everyone believes that it can bring a change in life, says a reputed numerologist in india. There has been a lot of evidence showing how numbers have helped individuals know themselves deeply and achieve success.

Also, having faith in numbers is not luck or magic; it’s a study of the connection that letters and numbers have in things happening in one’s life.

In numerology, there are specific energies connected with every number. For example:

1.Number 1 denotes creativity, leadership, and independence

2.Number 3 denotes confidence, expressiveness, and appeal

3. Number 6 denotes harmony, responsibility, and the patent figure

4.Number 9 denotes sympathy, healing, and optimism.

How Can This Bring A Change?

A person’s natal chart impacts the cosmos of their life, and it can well construe their relationships and path of life.

It helps a person show his/her capabilities, personality, and potential. Thus, it can definitely change their life by driving it all towards success.

This concept of numbers has been confirmed to be completely reliable when we talk about making tough and important decisions in life. The consequences of numerology can assist you with what can be the ideal moment to begin a new project to ask for a promotion.

Moreover, a numerology reading can even help you understand your partner’s mood, ambitions, wants, etc.

While you are continually being unsuccessful at changing your life, it signifies that you are lacking important information. The concept of numerology assists you in getting this information, and you can bring a change by getting familiar with the actions that may take place. It even assists you in remaining in the right position by assessing the energies of a property or a city.

Interesting Facts on Numerology

1. It is usually named the language of numbers

Since numerology is based on the knowledge that every number works as a symbol, each letter in the alphabet can be broken down likewise.

2. It is all about single-digit figures, excluding Masters Numbers

Number 11 and 22 are typically called the Master Numbers, including number 33 and number 44. As you have to reduce each number till you get a single figure, Master Numbers are excluded from this conception.

3. The life path number is equivalent to the conception of the sun sign

The number you get from your birth date with the root number calculation is your life path number. This is the number that will assist you through the remaining calculations.

4. It is ancient

Numerology is pretty ancient as it has its roots traceable to Pythagoras (a Greek Philosopher). The roots of numerology can also be found dating back to ancient Egypt and Babylon.

Planets and Numbers

The mathematical meaning of astrology has been there since the Hellenistic period. Interestingly, both numerology and astrology have some connection, particularly in the field of Astro-numerology. In this, most heavenly bodies and objects have some connection with numbers since they’re allotted definite numbers. These include:

1. Number 1 is associated with the Sun

2. Number 2 is associated with the Moon

3. Number 6 with Venus

4. Number 8 with Saturn

5. Number 5 with Mercury

6. Number 3 with Jupiter

7. Number 11 with Pluto

8. Number 7 with Neptune and Ketu

9. Number 22 with Uranus

10. Number 4 with Earth

11. Number 9 with Mars

Zodiac Signs and Numbers

Along with planetary bodies, numerology also has a connection with zodiac signs, as well. For instance, the houses in the horoscope are associated with certain numbers that the zodiac sign belongs to.

1. Number 2 and number 7 are associated with Cancer

2. Number 9 with Aries and Scorpio

3. Number 1 and number 4 with Leo

4. Number 8 with Aquarius and Capricorn

5. Number 6 with Taurus and Libra

6.  Number 3 with Pisces and Sagittarius

7. Number 5 with Gemini and Virgo

You cannot deny the potential of numbers, no matter if you are talking to a Vedic numerologist or undertaking a Western system of number understanding. Certainly, science claims that each existence can be alleviated to a chain of ones and zeros.

Whatever that is there in the galaxy wobbles at its frequency, says numerologist online. So by finding out the tremor ratio of an object, you can determine the traits and potentials linked with it. You can even think of the key frequencies of a person by determining the beliefs of numerology and employing just a phrase and date of birth as the basic information.

A numerological analysis of the evaluated regularities gives vital info on character and ethics.

Final Verdict

That was everything regarding numerology and how it can change your life. For more related info, you can talk to a numerologist online.