Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, with new technologies offering greater reach for clients, while coming up with clever ways to keep current clients happy.  The following are some of the top marketing trends to keep track of, that have proven they have staying power for the next few years.

  • Voice Searches

Despite Gen Z being one of the main influencers of upcoming trends, it seems that the preference for voice searches has become a hit within all age brackets. Over 60% of users under 50 use voice commands at least once a day, and those over age 50+ have a user base of 57% who do so as well. With voice search preferences growing, it’s interesting to note that in the past two years, 30% of online web browsing sessions were done without the screens on (i.e.: screenless). 

This indicates a growing interest and shift in how consumers are choosing to engage with brands digitally, whether looking for a specific item, seeking out information, or searching for keno online real money games. With the shift in how searches are done, this is coupled with data from Google which shows a ‘near me’ business search has also grown impressively. 

SEO experts and marketers will need to account for this accordingly and find ways to optimise voice search results, such as answering direct questions, keeping business listings updated, and ensuring all content is still relevant and can be navigated to easily via voice commands.

  • SEO Includes User Intent In Search Results

SEO is ever-changing and adapting to be more intuitive and helpful. One key trend to note is that more and more search engines are using algorithms to determine user intent and factoring that into the search results. It is so prevalent now, that it’s often eclipsing single keywords as the main ranking factor. 

Since search engines have deemed this to be a primary goal, this makes it a priority for marketers to stay on top of, in order to stay relevant. By keeping your content and information informative and helpful, you’ll find users tend to stick around more and not have as high a bounce rate, which will in turn boost SEO rankings.

  • Chatbots

The rise of chatbots is a great way to keep site engagement high and offer users a chance to get help on any pressing matters they may have when visiting and engaging with brands. Chatbots excel at providing helpful service around the clock and can free up your employee’s time to focus on more pressing matters. Chatbots are a key way to easily gather data and statistics based on consumer feedback and use it to deliver greater insights where improvements can be made. 

  • TikTok 

Getting established on TikTok should become a top priority if you’re not already on it. While TikTok may be known as the app which started off with silly dance moves and lip-synching, it’s quickly grown into a powerhouse social site that’s hard not to be drawn into. 

With a marketable age group now interested in it (over 70% of users are between 20-50+), TikTok has begun offering users and businesses the chance to monetise their channels via a formal advertising marketplace. This means brands are able to easily tap into influencer communities via promoted products, services, and more. 

TikTok allows you to have fast results due to how quickly videos are shared. The site is perfect for short and concise videos that provide information to your audience about your company and if done well with a solid TikTok marketing strategy, it can quickly capture hundreds to thousands of users.   

These four digital trends are set to continue their onward and upward trajectory and tapping into them early will give you a foothold in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.