Advertisers say their products—from penile extenders and vacuum tools to medications and lotions—can make your penis bigger. Unfortunately, there is few data to support the efficacy of these therapies. Nevertheless, increasing penis size is not a guaranteed outcome. We offer safe and holistic services for male wellness.

Anxiety about one’s penis size is widespread. This has sparked a penis enhancement Toronto business worth millions of dollars, including penis enlargement. Such examples are pills, potions, gadgets, and even operations. A trip to the doctor is warranted if penis size worries are interfering with daily living. They can aid in determining if a health concern needs to be addressed. Depression, sexual anxiety, and erection problems are all possible outcomes of obsessing over one’s penis size. Getting or keeping an erection may be challenging, leading the person to feel unsatisfied in the bedroom.

It’s not a good idea to use penis-specific lotions, creams, or gadgets without first consulting your doctor. Many of these “treatments” are useless at best and potentially harmful at worst. The penis might be damaged if, for example, you use weights to make it grow longer.

Expansion of the penis by surgical means.

Expanding the size of one’s penis surgically is known as penile augmentation surgery. One such approach is surgical intervention.

Several methods used to “augment” (make the penis bigger) a man’s penis include:
-Penis enlargement surgery (increase its length).
-Penis enlargement surgery (increase its girth or circumference around the shaft).
-Liposuction to reduce the size of the abdomen and enhance the appearance of a bigger penis.

Who could seek out penile augmentation procedures?
The majority of those considering penile enlargement surgery do so because they are unhappy with how their penis now looks. They fear that their penis isn’t long enough or broad enough, despite the fact that they can pee standing up and engage in penetrative intercourse. They may feel that your height and weight don’t meet their standards.

Most people have penises that can perform the functions for which the penis was designed, including sexual activity and urinating (peeing) while standing. Some people have constant, unpleasant worries about their penis size, while others periodically question if their penis size is normal (their work, their personal relationships and their overall mood).

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