Do you ever feel like nothing is free these days? With the prices of chocolate bars increasing by the minute, credit card payments being the only form of money that is accepted, and ridiculous bills that need paying for no reason, it can all seem a bit too intense.

That is where free bingo games come into play! Gone are the days when you have to pay for everything with little return for you and now it is time to hark back to the era of ‘I owe you’ and ‘it is on the house’ because free bingo games are here to offer you that delicious experience of bingo for no cost at all!

If you are down on your luck and just want to try your hand at a game of bingo without having to fork out heaps of cash, we have got you covered.

How to play bingo games for free

There are a number of ways in which you can access bingo online for free but finding them is often the hardest part. That is why we are here to guide you through and show you the way to bagging yourself some free bingo games.

Now, there are a few avenues that you can go down meaning that the power and control are in your hands… which path to free bingo will you choose?

·         Online free bingo – The simplest way of playing the bingo games you love for no cost at all is to search online for free bingo. You will see pages and pages of free bingo sites offering you the chance to play the game without spending a penny. This does limit you to not winning any real cash though, but, if you just love bingo then check it out.

·         Welcome packages- These days, you can score a healthy welcome package for a new account on a bingo site that offers a no deposit scheme. If you want free playable cash on that bingo site then look for bingo welcome packages with no deposit, take the free money, and get winning!

·         Demo versions – Similar to the free bingo option, but, if there is a bingo game that you love, but do not want to spend money on, you can play the demo version to get a taster and try your luck there. When you are ready, deposit a little bit of cash, and hope that your numbers come up!

Tips and tricks to playing free bingo games

Some professional igamers will think that online bingo is all about playing big and winning heaps of cash and prizes, but the humble player will know that the game of bingo is, itself, beautiful and should be played with respect.

Because of this, we have for you the top tips and tricks to playing free bingo:

1.       Always make sure that your no deposit deal is actually no deposit

2.       Test out the bingo sites you love to play before committing to putting down real cash

3.       Make sure that you are wearing your lucky pants and best of luck!