Globalism versus nationalism: which one is best for each country and the world? It’s been a debate since antiquity! Now, with the recent Ukraine crisis, the current world order’s global trade system is in danger.

If you’re not paying attention to the war, then it’s time to start.

International trade has never been so strained since WWII. With sanctions, pandemic problems, and more, global shipping has never been so vital. But, how does the global trade system actually work in 2022?

If you want to hold an informed opinion on global politics, then it starts with global trade. Read on to empower yourself with the knowledge to form educated opinions.

What is Global Trade?

When asking “how does international trade work?”, you first have to understand what it is. International trade happens when two countries exchange goods and services across their borders.

Global trade happens when many countries work together to exchange goods and services.

The most obvious benefit of this system is cooperation. Countries who trade together often work well together. Trade provides benefits to both nations. It also fosters good relationships.

After all, conflict could spill over into each country’s respective economy.

How Does Global Trade Work?

That all sounds great in theory, but how does global trade work in reality? It’s not easy to secure goods from Saudi Arabia and have them transported to America. Yet, this process is a daily occurrence in 2022!

First of all, it’s important to understand what gets traded. The majority of global trade involves raw goods, components, and parts. These parts get shipped to areas that have the skills to create finished products.

These goods get transported by land, sea, and air. Big ships, like a Sobel International freight forwarder, can carry goods across oceans. This is often the least expensive way to transport goods long distances.

Then, the receiving country accepts the goods and turns them into products. They also send back goods that the other country wants.

Will Globalism Prevail?

This process is beneficial for all parties. Countries get access to more products that are also less expensive. More jobs get created, and economies can grow bigger than they could on their own.

These benefits explain why globalism has prevailed in the last few decades.

Global Trade in 2022 and Beyond

Global trade is a very complex system. The benefits of globalism are undeniable, though. From lower prices to more products, who wouldn’t want global trade to thrive?

There are downsides and challenges to global trade, too, though. For one, we’re forced to negotiate with authoritarian regimes. We become encouraged to accept intolerable actions by tyrannical governments.

Right now, we’re at an impasse when it comes to international shipping and global trade. It’s clear that a new world order is on the horizon.

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