No dining room is complete without a luxury dining table.

It’s the centrepiece of the room, the area where you’ll entertain friends and family during gatherings and special occasions, and it also needs to be smart and stylish enough to add to the overall look and feel of the room when not in use.

No pressure then when it comes to choosing the best luxury dining table for your home.

To help, here are some top tips for choosing your new dining table.

1 – How will it fit into the area?

Your dining room table will be the biggest thing in the space, so you need to think about how it will fit into the dining area, and how the rest of the room will be built around it.

You don’t want your luxury dining table to be too big and overcrowd everything else.

And you also don’t want to go overboard with the other items around the table as, again, this can make the space feel more cramped and crowded.

The best advice is to keep it simple and build your dining area for comfort and practicality – this ensures it will serve its purpose for entertaining or simply enjoying a meal.

2 – What size luxury dining table should you choose?

Size matters when it comes to your dining table.

You don’t want to go too big, but you also don’t want to pick a dining table that’s too small and doesn’t fit everyone around it comfortably.

Before you start shopping for your dining table, take measurements of the room, and figure out where in the space the table will go (as a rule of thumb most dining room tables end up in the middle of the room and act as the centrepiece).

Chances are, when you start shopping, you’ll look for a table that’s on the smaller side (everyone does it naturally because they’re so worried about picking a table that’s too big and doesn’t fit).

So, it’s worth choosing a size you think will fit, and then go one size bigger.

If anything, it’s better to have a dining room table that’s slightly too big but is comfortable to sit around, than one that’s too small and feels cramped to sit around or looks dwarfed by the surrounding empty space.

Ultimately you want a luxury dining table that will take up the majority of the space, while leaving enough room to comfortably fit your chairs and other dining room accessories around without making it impossible to walk around the table.

3 – What shape of dining table should you choose?

The shape of your dining table will be largely dictated by the shape and size of the room it’s going in, but it’s worth knowing what type of table suits different room sizes.

Generally speaking, round or oval dining tables are best suited to smaller or square rooms.

For one, round or oval dining tables look better in a small area because they naturally take up an even amount of space (rather than creating large gaps on one side and small cramped spaces on the other).

From a practical standpoint, oval dining room tables are also easier to get into a small space.

If you’ve got a longer or thinner dining room, a rectangular dining room table works best.

You should sit the table in the centre of the room and line it up against the length of the wall, ensuring it has an even space all around it.

This will help make the table look proportional to the rest of the room and stop the space from looking uneven.

4 – What style luxury dining table should you choose?

The style of dining table you choose will be driven by how regularly you’ll be sitting around it.

If you don’t tend to eat meals around the dining table very often, then you can make your decision of which dining table to buy based more on style. This is because the table will be more of a decorative feature of the room, rather than a space to eat.

If you do eat around the table often, or like to entertain or throw dinner parties, style will still be important, but you’ll also have to consider a table that’s more practical as a dining table (especially when it comes to cleaning), not just a decorative feature.

The next consideration from a style perspective, is how you’ll decorate the room around the table.

For example, a solid oak dining table fits well into a more contemporary style dining room, especially a dark stained table that looks elegant when paired with bright colours.

On the other hand, a glass topped dining table (especially one contrasted with a metal frame) is more suited to a modern design.

A luxury dining table for the perfect area

Whether you’re going classic or modern, your dining table will set the tone for the overall look and feel of your dining area.

The perfect luxury dining table is one that stands out as the feature of the room, but can just as easily fit in and blend with the other furniture and overall theme of the space.