You will always come across situations in your life where you will be clueless about your skin color, even when it is something you are born with. Knowing your perfect skin tone and undertone will help you in a manner you don’t even know about. You can buy the perfect foundation, concealer, make-up that suits your skin the most, and even clothes that can make your skin glow.

Learning these two things is important now because, in the past, people only used to categorize them under light-dark and medium tones, but now the categories have evolved, and even a little change in color can change everything about you and the products you need to buy. This article will show all the ways through which you can determine the accurate color of your skin.

What is the difference between skin tone and undertone?

Skin tone is that color that is present on the surface of the skin. This tends to change every now and then; for example, when you go to the beach and get tan then, the color of your skin changes. Also, for most people, the color of the skin gets changed during summers and winters. As for the undertone, it remains the same throughout your life. Regardless of anything, your undertone will never change, even if you get tanned or face any kind of hyperpigmentation.

How to check the undertone color

The undertone color never changes; therefore, it is easy to identify it just once. Your skin glows regardless of the color you have. Sometimes when you go to buy make-up, you will hear the questions and will have to think about what is my skin tone and undertone color. Undertones are broadly categorized into four types only. Here is a short description of each tone, so you know in which category you fall.


This undertone is of the lightest color. If your skin burns easily in sunlight, then you have fair skin. Also, if you have red hair or light color, then you will have a fair tone. This can easily help you to identify your skin tone and whether it is fair or not.


These are referred to as warmer tones in comparison to the fair tones. These tones also get tan in summer.


The medium undertone reflects an olive undertone and a warm golden undertone.


A dark undertone is the deepest color of the skin that doesn’t change much in summer and does not get red.

Different ways to determine tones of skin

You should stop wondering about what skin tone am I? The world is moving towards making those products that suit all skin types but still when it comes to make-up, you need to understand your tone. Take a look into all the ways through which you can determine the tone of the skin. Once you understand your skin perfectly, you won’t find any difficulty in buying the perfect make-up. Here is how you can determine the tone of your skin.

Observe your jawline

The color of the jawline is something that is not affected most of the time by anything. There are chances that the color of your skin on the face is different in comparison to the color of your jawline. Look at your jawline and determine if it is dark, medium, light, or fair. Your health such as your weight or any kind of changes in the body will not have an effect on the color of the jawline.

Look at the color of your veins

The color of the veins of your hand also shows the tone of your skin. If the veins are of green color, then you have a warm undertone. Having blue veins shows that the person has a cool undertone. Some people have bluish-green veins that show the undertone is of a neutral color.

Do you feel any burn on your skin?

Not all skin colors get tanned. In case your skin gets red when it is directly under the sun, then you have warm-toned skin.

Check your blush

There are some skin types in which a person gets pink and red when they blush. This skin type also gets pinkish-red when the person laughs too much. Blushing shows cool-toned color.

Look at your jewelry types

All people have their own preferences regarding the color of jewelry they like to wear. Check silver and gold jewelry on yourself. Golden jewelry mostly suits those people who have warm tones, and silver suits those people who have cool tones.

White shirt test

White dress looks best on every skin but in this test, you don’t have to wear it. Take out the brightest white-colored shirt you have and carry it out in broad daylight. Match it with the skin of your face. If the color of your skin looks somewhat pink beside it, then it indicates cool tones. In case your face looks a little yellowish then you have a warm tone.

Check your eye and hair color

This is the method that does not always work, but most of the time it is accurate. As per the natural assumption by looking at a huge population, it can be determined that when the person has deep eye color, then it shows warmer undertones. People who have light-colored eyes are mostly the ones who have a neutral or cool undertone. Apart from the natural colors, if you change your hair color then even then deep colors will suit the warm tones more.

Buy the perfect make-up for your skin

Nowadays even anti-aging creams also require your tone of skin to get the perfect results. By following all the above methods, you will be able to determine everything about your skin easily. Once that is done, then the next step is to see what colors will suit you the most and what kind of foundation you need to buy.

Here is a short description of the undertones and also the colors that will be perfect for you.

Cool Undertones

If you have finally come to the conclusion that the tone of your skin is an undertone, then here are the options for the make-up that you can buy. For eye-shadow, you can buy something blue or dark-colored lipstick such as purple or red. You can use rosy blush for the cheeks. As for the foundation and concealer, you can buy the shades in the following colors; porcelain, light, and bisque. These colors will also make you look young and fresh.

Neutral undertones

On neutral undertones, you can match a lot of things as they make a good collaboration. Lipsticks and clothes of all colors, including dark, bright, and pastel colors, look good on this skin type. If you want to get a perfect foundation on this skin type, then the best choices include medium, medium tan, sienna, and amber. Just wear any tone and travel anywhere you want.

Warm undertones

Dark lipstick colors suit the most on this skin color. Apart from the lipstick, for the blush, the best choice is of natural glow. For the foundation, you can select colors from tan, deep, mocha, and espresso. In these tones, you will see that the nude lipstick does not suit that much in comparison to dark and bright colors.

Final thoughts

It is possible that you end up selecting the wrong foundation again, but now as there is a very limited tone of color, you can buy so only one wrong selection can lead to the right selection. Also, if you follow the process present in this article thoroughly, then it can be very easy to determine the skin you have and the selections you need to make for make-up.