Great tips from Celebian on how to grow your TikTok account.


As opposed to what many people think, the use of TikTok is not limited to Gen Z; data from the platform itself shows that 67% of the users are above 25 years old. According to TikTok, the mindset of the user ranks above their age group, which is why the platform is keen to avoid strategies that “silo different groups.” This means the potential audience eager to watch your content and buy your products is probably larger than you think.

However, just like other social media platforms, there is a need to start by determining the profile of your target audience in terms of demography and other factors. Can you envision what your ideal customer or consumer looks like? Can you talk about their interests? What topics, trends, and creators they are they drawn to? The goal is to investigate what these users want and customize your content with similar goals.

Ryanair has followed this TikTok tip by successfully incorporating humour and Gen Z language to reach out to prospective clients, while communicating the advantages of their services effortlessly and informally.

In addition, it is essential to find the right followers on top of growing the number of your followers. The right followers are interested in your brand and will likely buy your products, services, or consume your content regularly. Do more than just focus on increasing the number of followers; remember, the goal is to use TikTok primarily as a marketing tool to grow your brand.


TikTok is popular because of the imaginative, across-the-board, and, at times, bewildering trends and challenges. These trends and challenges present an enticing opportunity to expand your discoverability and increase your brand awareness.


Go to the app’s Discover section, and you will find a list of the sounds, hashtags, and effects trending at a particular time. You can tap on any trending item to view the popular videos and their sounds, effects, and hashtags. In addition, you can click on “Use this sound” to create your TikTok video using a trending audio. Also, the linked hashtags can help you to massively expand your reach to a new audience.

At first, many people jump straight on each trend they find on TikTok; however, you can find more value in the trends by using hashtags that relate to your brand and are likely to help you get the right followers you can even buy Celebian likes. Trending hashtags are an ideal opportunity to show your personality and creativity and connect with fans – you must follow the trends with the end goal in mind. Many TikTok users in the current generation can easily detect unconnected, inorganic, and heavily sales-oriented content and avoid it altogether.


If you are considering trying out TikTok, you might have already gained experience and knowledge using other, more ‘conventional’ social media platforms. If you have used other social media platforms, you can use your existing online community or brand presence on those platforms to grow your TikTok followers. You can use other social media platforms to let people know you are now on TikTok.

Nonetheless, you will need a different social media strategy for TikTok because the social media platforms are all different. Share a little bit of your content on various social media platforms and include your account details, showing potential followers where they can find your page. When properly used, other social media platforms can boost your TikTok followers.

If you lack enough time and money (probably because you run the social media accounts alone), consider recycling and redesigning TikTok videos and sharing them using Instagram Reels or other platforms. Just ensure you get rid of the TikTok watermark before sharing elsewhere or record your content externally before you share separately to TikTok or Reels — that way, you will not face penalties from Instagram’s algorithm.


Interactions with other content creators are a great way to grow your engagement level and spread your brand awareness to other TikTok users. Tiktok is designed with Duet and Stitch functions to make it easy for you to keep track of what other creators are doing and comment on their posts.


The Duet feature on TikTok enables two different creators to combine and produce a single video that can be shared with your TikTok and other users. The resulting video is a combination of the original creator’s video on one side and the new video on another side. Some videos have the Duet feature enabled; TikTok users can decide if they want to allow Duet or not.

Follow the steps below when making a Duet:

Step 1: Open “Share” at the lower end of the right-side panel.

Step 2: Open Duet

Step 3: Start recording beside the selected video.

Part of engaging with other content creators is creating and taking part in challenges. Most challenges on TikTok are centred on dancing; however, you can start other challenges like cutting a few shapes or other fun activities. The most significant element to consider when creating a TikTok challenge is the audio, which must be a memorable and strong sound clip. To find options for a good sound clip, consider looking for trending Sounds in the Discover tab.


Similar to increasing your followers on other social platforms, you have to demonstrate consistency to increase your brand awareness and solidify your presence on TikTok. The more you create good and trendy content and engage with other users, the higher your chances are of being featured on other users’ “For You” pages.

Do not despair if the initial days are tough for you to build a following. Simultaneously, be open to the idea that one can go viral and become an instant hit overnight on TikTok; however, quick success is not the ideal goal for you when starting.

Participating in new trends and creative challenges while remaining committed to your values and personality is the sure way to grow an online following on TikTok. As earlier mentioned, the key objective is not to increase the number of followers but to find the right followers to grow your business.