These days, why fantasy sports apps are on hype? To say the least, the industry is making a lot of money, stealing the hearts and minds of sports fans around the world. The write-up will reveal how to make an app like ESPN fantasy sports exciting and profitable at the same time.

What Are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are interactive games in which players can form teams of real athletes or imaginary teams, and thus experience total immersion in their favorite game, be it football, soccer, basketball, curling, etc. The most popular way to participate is through mobile devices, which has increased the demand for iOS and Android fantasy sports app development in recent years.

Quick Glimpse of the Fantasy Sports App Like ESPN 

According to Statista, about 85% of gamers prefer to play through fantasy sports apps, while only 7% and 8% prefer to play on desktops and websites, respectively. The market is set to become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world as more fantasy sports apps come out.

According to a leading fantasy sports app development company, the market will reach $48.6 billion by 2027.

The fantasy sports app combines prizes, cash prizes, and a rollercoaster experience that users of different age groups compete for. Given this addictive behavior, huge popularity, and high demand, we felt compelled to put together a comprehensive guide, which may prove to be a treasure trove for entrepreneurs or investors planning a fantasy sports app platform.

How Does Fantasy Sports App Work?

Fans choose real players from an online selection process, commonly known as a draft, and put together a fantasy team.

Players’ actual game stats are then compiled and parallels are drawn to measure which fantasy team has performed the best.

Players can keep track of how their respective fantasy team is doing through different mobile apps and websites. Some of the players compete against people they only know by joining leagues with friends. While others join the public leagues hosted on the websites and compete against strangers.

Key Features of an App Like ESPN Fantasy Spots

Here, we are going to mention the top features you need to consider while planning for fantasy sports app development.

  • Landing Page

It’s that part of the app where users land after login is complete. Users, here, find sports that are being practiced. Here users have a filter to search for items according to their choice. Some of those filters include sport, type, date of matches, tournament, etc.

  • Profile Settings

It is an important part of the fantasy sports app. Users here can customize the use of this functionality. Along with the functionality of updating their profile, users can also check their reward points, account details, transaction history, bonuses, referrals, etc.

  • Contest

Here, users can view the details of the content they are involved in on the sports fantasy app. In this section, they are given multiple details that can be filtered according to Winning Amount, Winner Count, Entry Fee Range, Contest Type, Contest Size, Winning Rank, etc.

  • Manage Contests

The functionality is used to manage and coordinate the different ongoing contests. According to mobile game development services providers, the admin can easily manage the contest categories, additions, editing, deleting, or even deactivating a contest if needed.

  • View Earnings

The best part of a fantasy sports app is the profit and reward an individual receives. With this functionality, admins can access the full earnings of individuals.

  • Report Management

The report management functionality allows the administrator to access all the different types of reports such as player ranking reports, earnings reports, etc.

While it’s helpful to know the feature sets you to want your fantasy sports app development partner company to follow, it’s also helpful to know the design system to follow when building a cricket fantasy sports app from your other shapes.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard is where the administrator can access different statistical figures about the number of games played and information related to the total number of players, etc. It also shows the total amount of earnings earned by users on the app.

How to Develop an App Like ESPN Fantasy Sports?

Here, in this section, we will discuss the process of fantasy sports app development. Simply, follow the below-listed steps to develop an app like ESPN fantasy sports. 

Step 1: Set a Goal for the Fantasy Sports Application

A sports fantasy app development project begins with defining your scope and goals to determine what the project is intended to achieve. An important part of this process is deciding which sport or sports the app will cover, as well as what features it will include.

Step 2: Find a Reliable Sports App Development Company

How do you find a game development or sports app development company in India that knows how to create a fantasy sports app? Googling is always an option. Select a few companies you like from the search results, and then based on their reviews and case studies, make an informed decision. It’s always better to choose one with experience building apps in your niche – the more, the merrier.

Design and Development

Requirements are obtained and a development estimate of the application is made, then the UX/UI design and the actual implementation of the functions begin. This is the longest step of building your fantasy sports platform, so be patient and make sure you can sync with the team a few times a week to stay informed on progress and give them feedback.

Debugging and testing

Extensive testing and debugging should be done before launching the application to ensure that it is stable and bug-free before it is released to the market.

Deployment and Promotion

The app can be distributed via app stores, other distribution channels, and specific advertising channels when it is released.

The Most Popular Fantasy Sports Apps on the Market

You can find advice on conducting market and competitor research in any guide to starting a business. This goes for fantasy sports app development as well, so we found it helpful to list some of the most popular players on the market and the things users love them for.


Players will find everything they can think of in CBS Sports Fantasy, from expanded team management and score tracking to performance predictions. In addition to being a platform for fantasy sports, CBS is also a valuable source of topical information and news for users. They appreciate the platform of quality podcasts that cover the latest news from the world of soccer.


ESPN is an absolute leader among fantasy sports apps. In addition to football, for which it is best known, it allows the creation of fantasy baseball, basketball, and hockey leagues and the practice of these games with personalized rules. ESPN combines rich functionality and the opportunity to broadcast with an easy-to-navigate interface that notifies players of all events on the field and keeps them informed of scores, injuries, and anything else the player needs to know. Last year, nearly 2 million people participated in fantasy sports on ESPN, and the number of downloads from stores is in the tens of millions.


Users appreciate NFL Fantasy Football for timely and reliable news, which is not surprising since the app is the official app of the NFL. Speaking of the gaming side, as the name suggests, the app is only tailored for soccer fans and doesn’t offer as many options as ESPN’s fantasy, but it makes up for it with unique features like a player comparison tool and additional details. statistics, as well as the transmission function.


It’s another industry leader that’s been around for a while, starting out as a fantasy sports website for NBC Sports. It has a large number of games to play, both seasonal and daily, as well as some unique features such as weekly player team summaries and very easy player swapping when they are not needed. A perfect app for those who enjoy playing fantasy sports from time to time as Yahoo Sports allows multiple options for quick games.

Draft Kings

It is the app with perhaps the most diverse selection of games. In addition to regular fantasy football, baseball, and ice hockey, DraftKings allows users to create their own fantasy league for anything: fantasy cybersports, fantasy NASCAR, and college sports; these are not the ones that can be found often. DraftKings involves paid contests and real money, and the founders are deeply committed to protecting transactions and ensuring their integrity.

Final Verdict

The article only covers some commonplaces of fantasy sports app development, and there is still a long journey ahead. You need to hire app developers in India, who know how to code a fantasy sports app and can guide you through all the steps to create a compelling and profitable solution that will take your place in the market and attract a strong fan base. Therefore, connect with professionals who can help you to the best of their knowledge.