If as a medical professional, you make medical errors, the consequences of such can be disastrous to the ability of the patient to live ever after. Therefore, medical boards are not taking medical errors lightly. And this is why doctors fall victim to alleged medical malpractice which can alter their career and finances. See how wernikes can result from medical malrpactice, and also learn how to diagnose for it. 

In this article, I’ll be analysing how you can prevent medical malpractice lawsuits. So, read on. 

1) Document every detail 

So that you could have evidence to defend yourself against malpractice, try and keep proper documentation of each of your patients. Document date, time, what you did, and other relevant information. 

2) keep communication 

If your patients understand you well, they would most likely understand your sacrificial intentions. So, make sure you take it upon yourself that your patient feels better communicating with you. in this way they will be able to completely share their thoughts, questions, and complaints to you. And you will also most likely be able to keep concise documentation. In situations where your patients are not understanding you well, go through the stress to make sure they do. 

3) Have the knowledge of the policies and standards of care Make sure you learn the standard of professional care associated with your area of specialization in medicine. Keep yourself updated with the latest adjustments and research analysis. This knowledge will put you on a very safer side while you work and applying the standard of care involved in the job. 

4) Don’t allow yourself to be lazy 

It is understable how your work can be hectic. However, your duties to patients must not lag behind or piled up. Be it the consultancy and all sort of administrative duties and documentation.

5) Don’t hesitate to seek help 

Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to pose like a hero. Understand your limit and know when to seek help when faced with a task you are not comfortable doing. Mistakes as a result of pride can range from repeated small damages to higher ones that can eventually ruin your career. 

6) Get the consent of your patients always 

Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to handle your patients based on assumption. Always tell your patient what you want to do to them, and let them give their consent. 

7) Build reasonable relationship with your patient 

If your patient is happy with you, the will most likely find it difficult to sue you. It is good to approach your parents in a bedside manner while you communicate. This will allow them to build a rapport with you, and in the process, you can make them happy. 

8) Follow up 

Make sure you follow up with your patients and with other specialists involved in the treatment of the patients. Ensure you have written a follow up schedule that you will always adhere to with your patients. This will allow your patients to see you seriously with them and your work.