Want to find out the truth behind Walmart’s big ban on plastic bags? Let’s find out!

You may have heard that Walmart is going bagless this year.

Walmart’s bagless initiative is also not far away. According to this information, the popular chain of retail stores will go bankrupt on July 1. However, the United States aren’t ready to believe this.

Let’s look at Walmart is Going Bagless Nationwide

Walmart’s decision to go bagless is a shocking truth.

One post by an individual that stated Walmart was going bagless caused a lot of confusion. The truth is quite different. Only Maine has banned plastic bags in all Walmart stores.

This initiative will be launched by the state on July 1, 2021. Wal-Mart announced in advance that it would be closing its Maine stores if this initiative is not started by the state on July 1, 2021. Walmart is going bagless nationwide? This is a huge question, but the source says that the answer is no.

What does a Walmart spokesperson have to say about this initiative?

After this announcement, Walmart began making all stores in Maine bagless. The environment was considered in this decision. Maine’s initiative to support people and sustainably-oriented activities is also supported. This was done in order to achieve the zero-emissions goal by 2040.

A sportsperson confirmed that Walmart stores in Maine will be closed due to the new state law. It is effective July 1, 2021.

Walmart is going bagless across the country It is false.

  • Walmart’s claim that it will go bankrupt is false. This is because Walmart does not plan to shut down all its stores.
  • False information claiming that Walmart will be without a back on July 1 across the country is misleading.
  • One article was confusing readers. The article’s title stated that Walmart would go bagless in July.
  • A false information also claimed that Walmart initiated this initiative. In reality, however, Maine law has banned plastic bags from all stores.

Don’t be misled by this idea: Is Walmart going bagless across the country?

What do you need to know about Maine’s Laws?

Maine passed a law prohibiting the use of plastic bags in shops in 2019. The law was set to take effect in 2020 Summer but was delayed by Maine Department of Environmental Protection due to the new coronavirus.

The state government decided that the effects of the law would be effective on July 1, 2012.

Final Verdict

Walmart is going bagless nationwide? Let’s face it, this bag will only be available in Maine.

Walmart has also announced its plan to go bagless in Mexico and Vermont. This will happen in Maine, however, on July 1, 2021.

Are you aware of the environmental impact of plastic? We would love to hear your opinions! More information about this initiative can be found at this link