Levinejewerlry com is an overall luxury embellishments brand that game plans in a thorough arrangement of true decoration of gem and silver. Likewise, the site is alluded to for its lavish items like arm groups, rings, glasses, chains, and other related things.

Other than that, the site purports to deal in different order things, for instance, individual thought, cowhide things, aroma, water bottles, pearl things, etc Be that as it might, tragically, there could be no other thing open in the store yet.

The site doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be a lot charming in the looks and plans, which furthermore makes question to us with respect to Is Levinejewerlry com Legit or not.

What exactly is Levinejewerlry the website?

Based on the information provided under the website’s “About us” page, it is an international brand of luxury jewelry that offers a wide assortment of sterling jewellery made from silver and diamond. Furthermore, the site is well-known for its luxurious items like rings, bracelets glasses, chains and other similar products.

In addition, the site states that it sells a range of product categories, including leather products, personal care perfume bottles, crystal products, water bottles and more. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else in the store as of now.

The website doesn’t appear to be very appealing from the appearance and design, which makes us think about whether Levinejewerlry.com is legitimate and if it is.

The specifications of Levinejewelry Com

  1. Website homepage link- https://levinejewelry.com
  2. Jewelry, rings, bracelets necklace, rings, and glasses
  3. Domain Creation Date: 28/01/2022
  4. Email address- hey@levinejewelry.com / zenutopia@outlook.com
  5. Contact number- unavailable
  6. Physical address- Fernando Amilpa, 19322, 22224, Mexico. Another address is listed as CA at the top of the page.
  7. The cost of shipping is based on the destination
  8. Delivery time not stated.
  9. Payment Options: American Express, VISA, and MasterCard
  10. Exchange and return within 30 days
  11. The policy on refunds – the approximate time is not stated
  12. Social media links- mentioned
  13. Newsletter – Provided
  14. It is suggested to read through the customer’s reviews of Levinejewerlry.com before you click the checkout button , as Levinejewerlry.com claims to provide genuine jewelry.

Positive benefits of purchasing on this site

  • The website offers a worldwide shipping policy.
  • Customers are able to return the item for a refund within 30 days.
  • Buyer’s information is secure on this site because it’s HTTPS secured.
  • The number of reviews that are positive are listed on the site under the categories of its services.
  • The website contains information pertaining to the company’s address and email address.
  • Negative aspects of purchasing on this site
  • There are negative reviews that have been published online.
  • The website has earned the trust index score of 1%, and an overall trust score of 26.8 percent.
  • Domain name of the domain is too young.
  • The page contains incorrect information on the descriptions page.
  • The contact information is not available on the website.

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User Reviews

We have surveyed all of the sources and have gathered information from various stages like supported locales, the web, etc For sure, the power page contains positive remarks, but from the outside interface, we have noticed significantly baffled clients remarks where people said the website is underhanded and don’t trust in it.


According to the specialists, this excess enhancements store is a stunt, and people should be careful while visiting such objections. Also, the site page has procured various alerts and negative Levinejewerlry com Reviews, which clarified its genuine objectives. I