Byron Bay Tourism

The eastern-most town of mainland Australia named Byron Bay is a tourist hotspot because of the presence of stunning beaches and luscious rainforest. It is a town located just off the Pacific Highway. 

Byron Bay is located 800km to the North of Sydney and about 175km to the south of Brisbane. Even though this town’s population is only about 9000, the travel and tourism businesses in Byron Bay have flourished immensely to accommodate visitors from various parts of the world.

 Activities To Do In Byron Bay

Tourists enjoy several activities at this site, like a walk on those endless beaches, scuba diving, swimming, kayaking, and ocean-side yoga. Surfing is a very popular activity among the tourists, and the high waves near the Byron Bay shores have drawn surfers from all around the globe.

Cape Byron Marine Park adds on to the amusement with the presence of bottlenose dolphins and sea turtles, which can be noticed while kayaking or scuba diving. Indulge in the delicious delicacies of the resort or local cafés during your stay at Byron Bay. But all these can only be enjoyed when you reach Byron Bay safe and sound.


The usual way to get to Byron Bay is by taking a domestic flight to Ballina Airport after you arrive in mainland Australia. Plenty luxurious Airport transfers Ballina services are available to take you to your booked hotel, resort, or any other place in Byron Bay. The South of Byron Bay is a thirty-minute drive from Ballina Airport, whereas the north of Byron Bay is forty-five minutes long drive.

However, if you plan to drive to Byron Bay from Sydney to enjoy a local site-seeing on your way, then the drive will take around nine hours to reach your destination. From south of Brisbane, the drive to Byron Bay is only two-hours long.

You can avail of several means to travel from  Byron Bay Bus. Starting from public transports like buses, taxies, shuttle, etc. are some of the cheapest travel options available from just outside Ballina airport.

But for a comfortable journey from which will make your experience sweeter and relaxing, you should book your private car, shuttle, mini-bus, etc. from Steve’s Ballina Byron Transportation. You don’t need to worry if the entire family and friends are on-board or you are traveling with a team of athletes, because you can easily book an entire Byron Bay Bus Hire from Steve’s Transport. It is wise to book the return airport transfers from beforehand to avoid delays.

Conclusion  The internet’s age has genuinely made our lives hassle-free as you can book your entire trip even from miles away. An individual can book their tickets and plan their entire tour from days or months ahead and from anywhere in the world. Those who are cautious about flight-delays, postponing the plan or sudden cancellation of the tour can also avail travel services from those businesses with an acceptable refund policy.