Introduction: Scope & Relevance of Mechanical Engineering

Infrastructural development is impossible without the practical application of mechanical engineering principles. The oldest and most technically diverse form of engineering, the mechanical design uses core principles of physics and mathematics to create new and relevant technologies for mass consumption. As per Michigan Tech, a qualified mechanical engineer exhibits a sound understanding of the principles of motion, force, and energy and can use their knowledge of these concepts to analyze their work. Engineers ensure that their designs are rooted in scientific principles while being safe for public use and profitable for their company. From automobiles to space tech to food production, a qualified mechanical engineer can lend their services to any field.

The rapid advancement of technology is creating more scope for fruitful careers in mechanical engineering. From early man’s invention of the first wheel to complex space programs and state-of-the-art aviation technologies, mechanical engineering has evolved to give birth to new machines and programs. Mechanical engineers can utilize their understanding of scientific principles to give wings to innovative ideas and create never-seen-before gadgets, tools, and appliances.

While mechanical engineering is relevant to most industries, India’s start-up boom is making it a more lucrative career opportunity than it already is. India’s ‘make in India’, ‘ZED’, and ‘Start-up India’ initiatives are giving an enormous impetus to mechanical engineering. Apart from these initiatives, multinational corporations are increasingly setting bases in India, which in turn is creating more jobs for qualified youth in the country. In addition, a rapid rise in foreign direct investment into unicorns and India’s growing start-up ecosystem also lend an edge to mechanical engineering.

The growing importance of mechanical engineering means that graduates can expect a bright future. This article will focus on the future scope of mechanical engineering, course options, and professional opportunities available to aspirants post the completion of their course from reputed mechanical engineering colleges in Kerala.

If you’re looking to craft a rewarding career in mechanical engineering, Kerala might be the right destination. Kerala is emerging as a top spot for science-based careers. Moreover, mechanical diploma courses in Kerala offer a fantastic return on investment. Some of the best engineering colleges in Kerala include TOMS-Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram’s College of Engineering, GEC Thrissur, and NIT Calicut, among others. TOMS, for instance, offers scholarships to deserving students who are looking to pursue a BTECH in mechanical engineering from their college.

Career Opportunities in Mechanical Engineering

Now that we know how exciting and rewarding mechanical engineering is, let’s understand some of the career opportunities available to budding engineers and mechanical design experts.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a great career option for mechanical engineering graduates pursuing mechanical diploma courses in Kerala or other states. Apart from accredited space institutes like NASA and ISRO, billion-dollar firms backed by Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are also increasingly on the lookout for qualified mechanical engineers who can help create innovative technologies for space research. While it can be difficult to land jobs with aerospace engineering firms, it is not impossible. Qualified engineers from the best engineering colleges in Kerala can easily carve a space for themselves in big conglomerates. As per PayScale, an average aerospace engineer in India can make between 8-8.5 lakh rupees per annum. The salaries are touted to be even higher if you plan to move and work as an engineer abroad.

Defense Technology

Mechanical engineers can utilize their knowledge of fluid dynamics, statics, and material science in defense technology. The unrest in Ukraine has proved that war and political disturbance can come without knocking. This means that nations need to increase their defense arsenal and innovate to protect innocent citizens at all costs. Responsible mechanical engineers with degrees from top-rated mechanical engineering colleges in Kerala can carve a fruitful career in defense technology. This industry is always on the lookout for intelligent, responsible, and sensitive engineers committed to serving the nation. AFTAC, SSC, and UEC are some competitive exams conducted by the air force, army, and navy that can open avenues for engineers hoping to craft careers in defense. Moreover, an average defense engineer can start off making 4.4 lakh rupees per annum + perks!

Automobile Sector

The automobile sector is always in dire need of mechanical engineers who can help craft auto parts and futuristic vehicles. The global automobile industry is flourishing, and there is a pressing need for mechanical engineers in automobile plants, service stations, manufacturing, and transport stations. If you’re a qualified engineer with deep knowledge and a love for cars, you can easily craft a well-paying career in the auto sector. An engineer in this sector with a degree from the best engineering colleges in Kerala can start off making 6 lakh rupees or more, as per PayScale.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing or Process engineering is an essential subset of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers who have specialized in process engineering can become an integral part of any organization’s manufacturing process. Any engineer specializing in and knowledge of manufacturing tools, machine tools, Tribology, materials science, operations, and design can carve a fruitful career in manufacturing. India is rapidly emerging as a global manufacturing hub, which means that this industry always seeks qualified mechanical engineers. As per PayScale, the average salary of a manufacturing process engineer in India starts at four lakhs per annum.


In a nutshell, mechanical engineering offers a plethora of career opportunities to qualified youth seeking rewarding jobs in engineering. Mechanical engineers are a great fit in multiple industries thanks to their versatility and expertise in materials science, fluid mechanics, manufacturing, and engineering economics. In addition, mechanical engineers are trained in conceptual design, analysis, project management, data interpretation, and other core engineering concepts, making them a great fit in multiple arenas. The sheer relevance and versatility of mechanical engineering have the potential to open avenues for aspirants across hundreds of fields. Additionally, qualified mechanical engineers can land well-paying jobs with top players like Kirloskar, Godrej, SpaceX, and Amazon. So, if you’re a budding engineer with big dreams, mechanical engineering is undoubtedly the way forward.