The acceptance of the idea of work-from-home (WFH) office setups has become popular, ever since the COVID-19 outbreak took place in 2020. While many people are using these setups in the simplest forms and think that the WFH idea is more about a relaxed way of working, you can try to improve your WFH setup to be more creative and productive by reinventing space. A great idea is to use height adjustable standing desks.

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Coming to the WFH setups, some people prefer working from the couch or their bed to induce comfort and relaxation. However, that harms your productivity and back, the latter of which can deform your body posture in the long run. Such forms of working can also attract diseases like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure in the long run. It is when the importance of proper furniture, or should we say, ergonomic furniture (standing desks), comes into effect.

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Types of ergonomic furniture for use in WFH setups

Ergonomic furniture, such as standing desks, serves the basic purpose of keeping you in comfort while having a core focus on your body posture and the forms of use of body parts like the spine, back, legs, wrists and fingers. Thanks to consistent evolution, ergonomic furniture is a wide category that has several items like office desk chairs, standing desks, desk converters, work pods, meeting pods and ergo stools. All these items have gained significant acceptance in the WFH setups across the world. To keep your body posture and productivity in good shape, you need to be active and in a good posture while working. The ergonomic furniture offers all the advantages in that direction, thus making them the preferred choice for WFH setups.

Types of ergonomic accessories for use in WFH setups

Apart from ergonomic furniture, several other items can be included in WFH setups to assist in your active working hours and help in keeping your body structure intact. These accessories are usually linked to your work systems, like external keyboards, mousepads, monitor arms, footrests, pedestals, laptop stands, speakers, chair mats and mobile phone stands. All these accessories do not cost a bomb but help make your work easier and more comfortable in the long run.

Benefits of ergonomic furniture

Following are the benefits of all the widely used forms of ergonomic furniture listed:

Standing desks 

As standing desks are height adjustable, they can be adjusted to keep your back and spine in check for reducing tension on them. These help keep your back straight and improve posture and confidence in working.

Desk converters 

These desk converters can be placed on the top of tables and can be used to keep the system and your vision at the most usable and beneficial angle. Apart from putting lesser strain on your eyes, desk converters also help in boosting posture and mood.

Ergo stools 

For stretching during long working hours, ergo stools are a good way to relax your back and core muscles, which can stiffen up due to continuous sitting on WFH desks.

Ergonomic desk chairs 

These desk chairs come integrated with optimally designed armrests, lumbar support, height adjustments and wheels for easy movement across spots. Due to all these advantages, they help to prevent backaches and increase productivity.

Benefits of ergonomic accessories

Here are some of the most used ergonomic accessories, the benefits of which have been listed along with them:


While your primary system comes integrated with a keyboard, an external keyboard provides additional comfort to your fingers, wrists and arms as they have the freedom to not use in a still mode.


To prevent your feet from suffering from swellings and aches, footrests can be used by placing them below the standing desks.

Chair mats 

Chair mats can be used by placing them under the chair castors on which you are seated. These mats ensure safety and cleanliness.

Monitor arms 

These arms allow the screen of your monitor to be in the right field of vision with optimal height and distance for perfect eye levels. These can help stay away from eye diseases.


For smoother movement of arms and wrists while scrolling on the screen, ergo mice and mouse pads are very beneficial.


Ergonomic furniture might seem like a complex and expensive idea at first. However, if invested in, these can make your WFH experience a more relaxed and productive one at the same time.