Not all think about fitness like you do, and here, you are reading about how to start! 

So, the first thing you should do is pat your back. You have thought about taking care of yourself to have a body free of pain and less accessible for diseases. 

While thinking about getting fit isn’t easy, it is harder to start the journey!

From the first day itself, it is a wholesome shift in lifestyle, and keeping to the plan feels like walking on glass granules barefoot, sometimes. 

If you are willing to, you can have a stiff and strict start to your fitness journey, and it will yield results faster, for sure. Otherwise, you can follow the simple ways we are sharing to kick off your journey towards the goal of fitness. 

Start Your Day With Water

One of the easiest and doable things to start your fitness journey is drinking water the first thing every morning. And you should drink at least 2 glasses of lukewarm water. It helps in removing the toxins from your body. It is better to drink water stored in brass vessels, and brass has some amazing health properties. Apart from that, you should keep drinking enough water throughout the day. Doing this will keep you hydrated and active, and it will improve your skin and hair health. One should drink around 10 glasses of water throughout the day. 

Walking After Having A Meal

Most of the body problems occur due to bad eating habits and bad digestion. And one of the common mistakes today is that people don’t move their bodies after having their meals. If you want to start getting fit then you need to include such small changes in your lifestyle. You should walk around 10 to 15 minutes or 500 steps after every meal as it improves digestion. And better digestion leads to a healthy life!

10,000 Steps Everyday

We have a vice-versa relationship with our bodies! The more we provide rest to it, the more it gets in a bad state, and the more we keep it active, the more it will stay young. Health experts recommend that a healthy person should walk at least ten thousand steps every day. And as you are thinking about starting your fitness regime, you can follow this one if you don’t have enough time to join a Gym. The limit of ten thousand steps includes every single step that you take throughout the day. So, get yourself a fitness watch or download any step counting application on your smartphone. 

Dry Fruits & Fruits

The dry fruits and the fruits are your healthy and tasty way to fitness. You need to include seasonal fruits in your daily diet. It is better to have some fruits after lunch. You can also have fruit juice instead of fruits. Dry fruits provide so many nutrients to your body, and all of them help you improve from inside as well as outside. You can include dry fruits in your breakfast. Even if you are planning to have a cheat on your birthday, you can choose to order a fruit birthday cake online

A Session Of Exercise, Yoga, & Meditation

This one is not easy to follow, and not many can stick to it. But it is still doable with a bit of willpower. After having done the water task every morning, try to find some time, around 30 minutes, for having a session of body exercise, yoga, and meditation. If you don’t have time in the morning then try to do the same in the evening. While body exercises bring the sweat out of your body, yoga asanas provide flexibility, and meditation provides mental peace and power. Plus, this part can be even more beneficial if you have a proper home gym space kitted out – either a basic one or a full setup with high-quality gym gear.

Follow A Low Sugar Diet

Sugar has all the power to please our taste buds, but sugar is not such a healthy thing to have. Dieting plays a vital role in getting fit, and thus you should follow a low diet plan. Replace your cookies with lite cookies and decrease your consumption of refined sugar. You can have a cheat once in a while, for example, ordering a sweet cake through online cake delivery in Ludhiana or wherever you live.