Waste is a common sight in Perth’s metropolitan area. According to mini skip hire Perth, the average person produces close to 4 pounds of trash per day. The Western Australian government estimates that Best Price Skip Bins Perth will generate more than 6 million tonnes of trash annually. Various items, including used clothing, wood chips, metals, papers, yard waste, plastic bottles, and aluminium cans. Trash mounds can attract rats and fleas that spread disease.

Your choice of the hire period (online only)

The length of your hire can be adjusted when you make an online reservation. In the interim, pickup can be scheduled for the designated pickup date or, if the bin is ready for early collection, you can just send staff a text or email.

Small Bins 

The most common skip bin they offer is the standard little bin, which has no weight restrictions. No entrance is available.

Medium Bins

Based on their normal mini bins, medium mini bins include an access door with high sides for that more trash.

Large Bins

Based on their medium bins but lacking an access door, large micro bins are available. Excellent for green and bulky garbage.

Areas where usually deliveries are included

Within 30 kilometres of the Perth CBD, they supply skip dumpsters as part of their expert service. They will be happy to offer their services for a tiny additional cost if you need a skip bin for a suburb outside of this range. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the staff if you have any further questions.

Delivery Times For Skip Bins In Perth

From Monday through Friday, skip bins are delivered. There is an additional charge for the weekends and federal holidays.

Working hours

Their regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. They are open and charge an additional cost on the weekends and on holidays.

Several hazardous waste products are NOT ALLOWED, including the following:

  • Tires, food waste, batteries, oily liquids, paint, and asbestos
  • These rules are in place to help us uphold our obligations under the law and to the environment. Our tiny bins will be emptied on site if any of these hazardous waste items are discovered within; alternatively, additional disposal costs can apply.
  • Weight restrictions: Each bin may only hold a maximum of 2 cubic metres of bricks 

Conclusion:- Before renting a small skip or skip bin, it is crucial to check with your local council to see if you would need a council permit if the waste bin will be placed on a road or a nature strip outside of your home or construction site. Unfortunately, the cost of a permit could be high; however, the council, not just the bin rental company, is liable for covering this fee. Placing the bin outside of your property without a permit is troublesome since municipal bylaws offices frequently patrol the neighbourhood seeking for bins without licenses and will levy a serious penalty if they find one.