A mobility scooter breakdown or fault could limit your daily independence and comfort. If you want to maintain your freedom and protect your quality of life, you must care for the model throughout the years and select the best design for your lifestyle.

If you want to move from A to B without hassle or fuss, you must identify and avoid certain gaffes that could grind it to a halt. Here are the most common mobility scooter mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Scooter for Your Needs

Don’t make the mistake of picking a scooter based on how it looks. There are an extensive number of scooters on the market that provide unique benefits and various features, which you would be wise to consider before choosing a make and model.

For instance, you must consider whether a mobility scooter suits the terrain you will often use. Also, factor in how often and what you will use the scooter for each day. For instance, a compact, maneuverable model is ideal for indoor use. Still, you might prefer a model with large wheels and a more powerful suspension system when using a scooter outdoors along rough surfaces.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance and Repairs

A mobility scooter might move like a dream when you first buy it, but you must care for your chosen model throughout the years. Routine maintenance is a must to ensure it runs smoothly and experiences minimal issues.

For example, you must buy replacement batteries for mobility scooters to ensure you can travel from A to B on the model indoors and/or outdoors. In most cases, you will need to replace the battery every 12 to 18 months, so you should have a backup battery ready and waiting for you if you need it.

Also, you may need to replace the tires, especially if they experience damage or wear and tear from normal use. Don’t forget to take your mobility scooter for an annual servicing or every six months for heavy usage.

Placing Heavy Bags on the Handlebars

You might feel tempted to place a heavy bag on a mobility scooter’s handlebars after shopping, but this is a big mistake. If you do so, the extra weight will make it more difficult to turn when riding a mobility scooter. The bag might even become an obstacle when taking a sharp turn. If possible, place any heavy bags or items in a dedicated basket on the mobility scooter or between your feet on the scooter’s floor to prevent mishaps.

Pressing the Throttle During Ignition

It might feel natural to press the throttle once you turn the ignition to start a mobility scooter, but you must avoid doing so. The simple act will stop you from pulling away. Instead, turn the key, wait a few seconds, and then place pressure on the scooter’s throttle. It will stop you from wondering why your scooter will not start each time you turn on the ignition.