The Buick Encore is one of the small SUVs in Buick’s lineup. Although it sports the characteristics of the larger SUVs, its diminutive size and spacious cabin are top selling points. Seating five adults, the mini SUV’s rear seats can be folded to make space for more cargo. What the Buick Encore lacks in size is made up for with its interior. The mini SUV has a touchscreen infotainment system featuring the standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Although the Buick Encore doesn’t offer many modern items like driver assistance features, it sports other great features at an affordable price. If you’re wondering why drivers love the Buick Encore, find out this here.

Great styling

One of the biggest features buyers look for in their cars is the design and style. The Buick Encore understands this perfectly and comes with great styling that gives the vehicle a rather slim and trim look. The subcompact crossover SUV brings a mix of portability and a good measure of luxury to buyers.

With the Encore, buyers have access to a sleek ride with a rather sporty exterior. The vehicle’s 18-inch aluminum wheel, power moon roof, and LED lighting add more finesse to its already enticing lineup.

Comfort ride

Asides from a vehicle’s operational efficiency, buyers are interested in how comfortable their car rides. With the Buick Encore, the manufacturer leveraged its reputation for comfortable cars. Encore’s latest lineup brings users more comfort while maintaining its slim and trim outlook.

From the outside, the Buick Encore looks like it might leave drivers and passengers cramped up due to its size. However, the interior’s engineering and design are such that drivers and passengers will remain comfortable throughout their ride. Buick touts this vehicle as one that offers a smooth and quiet drive while being easy to handle in all terrain.

Being an all-wheel drive crossover SUV makes the Buick Encore even more appealing. It can be used in ice and snow conditions or bumpy off-road rides. On smooth roads, drivers can leverage the 1.4L turbocharged engine for a smooth and sporty ride without compromising on handling or safety.

Slim yet roomy 

As with most crossover SUVs, Buick had its plan and design mapped out. The Buick Encore came into the market as an excellent option for vehicle owners looking for something small but not too small. The mini SUV offers the advantage of roomy seating and a trimmed body without compromising flexibility and performance.

The cabin space is designed to seat five people with ample space for considerable cargo at the back. However, larger cargo can easily fit in the trunk when the rear seats are collapsed. If you need more space, the front passenger seat can also be collapsed.

Gas Mileage

Fuel efficiency is a big factor to consider when purchasing vehicles. The rising cost of gas has forced many to sell off their larger engine vehicles for smaller ones.

With the rise in gas prices, Buick Encore keeps its users in mind by offering great fuel economy plus satisfactory performance. With the Encore, the manufacturer estimates its fuel economy to be at 24 MPC city and 32 MPG highway. 

Drivers and owners can maintain this great fuel economy and gas mileage efficiency when they keep their vehicles properly serviced and in great condition.

Perfect for commuting 

Carpooling has become a trend as more people seek to reduce fossil fuel burning and carbon footprints. With carpooling, a group of people can save on gas while reducing their environmental impact.

The Buick Encore is perfect for carpooling and commuting. Seating five adults conveniently and offering great fuel economy, commuters are sure to enjoy the most from their car and its everyday use.

The small-sized SUV is also easy to park and fits snuggly in tight spaces, adding to the many benefits it brings to the table.


Buick isn’t compromising on technology. This is evident in the technological differences between the 2020, 2021, and 2022 Buick Encore models. The Encore comes sporting improved technology for infotainment and relaxation. Users can enjoy Apple Car Play, Android Auto, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and more on the vehicle.

Safety Features

What is a vehicle without its safety features in check? The Encore comes into the market with great safety features like optional Forward collision alert, front and rear parking assist, side blind zone alert, lane departure warning, and more.


All of these features can be experienced at the pocket-friendly price at which the Buick Encore is offered. The 2021 edition of the Encore costs an average of $26,600, while the 2022 edition is averaging at $27,295.

For the price range, the Buick Encore offers a great many benefits to keep drivers happy. Check the vehicle out at a local dealership to appreciate its features.