Sic Bo vaguely resembles roulette — it is on a table with fields, where each of it corresponds to a certain speed. A winning combination is determined by three point cubes applied on the border. The croupier rolls the dice, and then calculates the points and determines the amount of payments to the winners. The table in Sic Bo is very visual, so it is not difficult to understand it even for beginners. The amount of the award depends on the type of bet made. Next, we will tell you all about the best Sic Bo winning formula, as well as all the features and rules of playing in an online casino.

Super Sic Bo from evolution

In video games, the field is most often represented only in electronic form. The task of the participants is to predict the result that will fall on three hexagonal cubes. The dealer announces the start or end of the speeds and starts the device with a glass dome where the dice throw a vibrating base. After the end of the round, payouts are automatically charged to participants’ accounts. When determining the size of the increase in the betting field, you can add multipliers that increase the number of prizes — the function is in the super Sic Bo from the evolution and the mega Sic Bo from the pragmatic game.

The advantage of the casino in Sik BA depends on the betting category, the developer  sets the RTP games. For example, in Super Sic Bo, the profit percentage ranges from 95.02% to 97.22%.

Rules for beginners

Sic Bo is suitable for beginners, although it takes some time to learn the rules. The table only seems heavy at first glance, but the layout is actually simple. Images of playing dice and numbers appear on the betting field, the cells are grouped according to the payout coefficients.

The easiest bets for beginners:

  • Small/large — high or low result. The player places the intervals between the numbers from 4 to 10 and from 11 to 17.
  • Strange or even.
  • Any number — You need to guess one number on any cube, with more matches the reward increases.
  • Prediction options are usually listed in the slot description if the game is online.

Payment lines

In the classical fifty sectors of the Sic Bo, which are located on the field, payouts vary depending on the probability of matches. The lower the chances of the participant, the higher the advantage of the casino.

A game of methods and strategies

Tactics in Sic Bo are usually divided by risk. The probability of matches directly affects the number of payments — the category, when the chances of the casino are almost equal, brings the smallest winnings. A low-risk strategy involves simple over/under or even/odd rates. Payouts for these combinations often occur.

In a strategy with an average level of risk, combined bets are used when the participant chooses several numbers and adds a combination of two dice to them. The goal of the method is to minimize losses. Advanced players bet at least 4 straight to make up for the loss. High-rollers prefer high-risk strategies and choose bets of the triple bet type, where you need to guess the number that has fallen on all three dice. The probability of such an outcome is small, however, if successful, the person will receive the maximum possible prize in SIK.

Medium and high risk methods are not suitable for long distance play.