Understanding the tools available on the market might be useful if you run a manufacturing company and search for ways to increase operational efficiency. 

(See this Pico MES quick demo

The MES system, often known as manufacturing execution software, automates shop floor processes. This list of execution systems should assist you in comprehending the value and features of the top systems currently available on the market as you build your digital strategy for your manufacturing firm. 

  1. E2 Shop System 

E2 Shop Systems specializes in automating shop floors. Its features are ideal for businesses that produce a small number of customized products. E2 could be the best option if your company specializes in made-to-order or made-to-engineer products.

  1. SAP ME 

The larger SAP family of products includes several modules and systems, including SAP Manufacturing Execution. If you’re searching for a more comprehensive solution that will assist you in managing the shop floor in addition to the warehouse, inventory, CRM, accounting, etc. 

  1. Fishbowl Production 

Smaller to mid-sized manufacturing businesses are served by Fishbowl. When it comes to its user interface, it is rather simple, making user adoption easier. As with any digital transformation, you will still require a solid organizational change management strategy. 

  1. Microsoft D365 

Since this is a Microsoft product, user adoption is a little easier because the user interface (UI) is similar to that of all other Microsoft products, to which many users have grown accustomed. Additionally, it is a very flexible platform that allows for adaptations to meet your company’s particular requirements. 

  1. Oracle NetSuite

Despite not having a reputation as a manufacturing system, Oracle NetSuite is still a fantastic alternative that can aid smaller to mid-sized businesses automate their shop floor. In addition to manufacturing and warehouse management, this software can also help to automate accounting, customer relationship management, and other business operations. 

  1. Aptean 

Manufacturing is the primary area of concentration for software provider Aptean. Even if your industry is not related to food and drink, this system can still produce excellent results. It is especially useful in a food and beverage manufacturing environment. 

  1. Infor

One of the biggest software providers in the world, Infor, specializes in the industrial sector. It is fairly flexible and features a comparatively simple UI to understand. Your business will remain relevant with the continual upgrades and enhancements available. Infor may be a wonderful choice if you want something that offers more than simply warehouse automation because it is a more comprehensive enterprise software solution. 

  1. Epicor MES Advanced 

Another software provider that places a lot of emphasis on the manufacturing sector is Epicor. Compared to other goods on our list, this one is rather simple to use.

  1. IQMS 

This software provider has a very sizable manufacturing base, and their IQMS solution is very scalable. IQMS will be a wonderful option that you may expand into if you are a small to mid-size organization anticipating a strong growth rate in the upcoming years.

  1. Plex 

One of the only native cloud services, Plex is a product designed especially for manufacturing. Plex assumes ownership of the fact that it has been present since its beginning, resulting in intrinsically more ideal cloud functioning as software vendors transition from on-premise to the cloud.