Chris Hemsworth stars in Extraction, Netflix’s latest action-adventure film. He plays Tyler Rake, an excellent man in his work of kick because his demonic attitude can be important for him. Sam Hargrave directs Extraction with Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity Wars director Joe Russo, who acts as screenwriter and producer, alongside his brother Anthony Russo and Hemsworth. Many people talk about the film because of the end of the extraction, which is as dark and sinister as the whole film.

In Extraction, Tyler embarks on a mission to remove Ovi Mahajan Jr. (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) from the hostage of the Bangladeshi drug trafficker Amir (Priyanshu Painyuli). Ovi’s father is incarcerated and is the largest drug trafficker in India. Ovi Mahajan Sr. (Pankaj Tripathi) entrusted his henchman Saju (Randeep Hooda) to take care of his son. Once Tyler and Ovi Jr. meet, it’s an exciting journey without stopping.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Extraction yet, come back now. We are about to enter territory of heavy spoilers.

Netflix's Extraction Ending Explained

The end of extraction

Tyler successfully brings Ovi to the exchange point, but Ovi Sr. sends Saju to steal from Ovi so that he can avoid paying the ransom. This leads to a very long battle. Tyler wins and escapes alive with Ovi. Tyler’s partner Nik (Golshifteh Farahani) tells him that he can take him to a safe place outside of Dhaka, but that he must leave Ovi, a certain death sentence for the boy.

Tyler can’t do it. Instead, call a friend, Gaspar (David Harbor) for help. They arrive at Gaspar where Tyler and Ovi approach. He tells how he left his son for a third tour in Afghanistan because he was too afraid to see his six-year-old son die of lymphoma. After the emotional moment, Tyler learns that Gaspar wants to kill Ovi for a ten million dollar reward.

The men fight and Ovi shoots Gaspar to save himself and Tyler. Tyler then decides to call Saju, so they can work together to save Ovi. While trying to escape from the city (which is closed due to Amir’s orders), the two men completely fight with the authorities. Saju is killed, Ovi crosses the bridge to Nik, but Farhad (Suraj Rikame), an ambitious boy who works for Amir, shoots Tyler in the side of the neck.

Seriously injured and bleeding, Tyler falls from the bridge into the river. Meanwhile, Ovi and Nik board a helicopter and leave the city safely. Months later, Nik manages to enter the bathroom alone with Amir and kills him. Jumping forward, Ovi returned to his lonely life, but with a new sense of bravery. Jump into a pool and stay at the bottom before getting up. A mysterious position can be seen up close, just blurred in the distance.

Is Tyler died?

The simple answer: it’s up to you.

Hemsworth and Hargrave shared that when they first screened the film for a test audience, the original ending divided them. So, in a way to appease everyone, they left the ending open.

Since there is no clear yes or no answer in terms of Tyler’s death, let’s look at both cases. We must?

Is dead

Tyler started the film as a broken man with two missions that guided him. The first was to extract Ovi from his kidnappers, and the second was to die. Nik points out that Tyler doesn’t care anymore. He wants to die. We see numerous scenes where Tyler could be killed while looking at the face of death without blinking an eye. If you believe that Tyler accomplished his mission by making sure Ovi crosses the bridge safely, then he can now embrace his final mission: death.

The death of Tyler’s son haunts him. Throughout the movie, he sees flashes of his son, but at the time of his alleged death, he has a clear image of his son. This could symbolize him finally achieving peace and going further to be with his son. He has finally redeemed himself and can get his happy ending from the other side with his son.

The mysterious figure is not Tyler, but a spiritual figure that encourages Ovi to continue living and fighting. The figure could also be any random man. Maybe Ovi Sr. now has bodyguards watching Ovi. The figure could be calling Ovi because it’s time for him to escort him home safely.

He is alive

If you view his mission as incomplete, then Tyler is definitely still alive. Tyler’s mission at the beginning of the movie was to mine Ovi and collect. At the end of the movie, create a deep bond with him. His immediate goal, after Nik advises him to drop Ovi on the street, is to protect him, and then it’s all about taking him home. However, there is a scene between Gaspar and Tyler where Gaspar says that Ovi is a walking corpse.

Whatever happens, Ovi’s life will be in constant danger because of his father. You can escape and survive this time, but there will be other dangers. Nik kills Amir, thus eliminating the immediate danger to Ovi. However, Farhad’s cruelty and ambition can cause him to rise to become a new drug lord.

Even if Amir and his people are gone, who knows how many Ovi Sr. enemies exist. It’s not Tyler’s job to make sure Ovi lives to old age … but it could be. Tyler, in many ways, sees Ovi as his redemption for not being there when his son died. Perhaps the quote Ovi made goes through his mind as he dies and drowns in the river, so instead of remaining submerged, he defends himself and takes on a new mission: to continue protecting Ovi.

Will there be sequels?

There has been no confirmation on the sequels, but if you follow Netflix’s top ten listings, then you may have noticed that Extraction has been in the top ten for days … This means the movie is working well. Netflix is ​​unpredictable, making it difficult to know what will get renewals or sequels. However, I’d bet on an Extraction sequel.

Chris Hemsworth is too bankable and delivers a great performance in this movie, so we can’t imagine they have an Extraction sequel that doesn’t feature it. Therefore, to maintain the franchise, Tyler needs to be alive.

The extraction is currently available to stream on Netflix. Download it here.