Toyota’s 2024 Tacoma X-Runner concept was unveiled at the SEMA 2023 show in Las Vegas. The car world froze. This concept truck is a blend of nostalgia with modern engineering. It promises a thrilling combination of power and style. Explore what makes the Tacoma X-Runner 2024 concept a head-turner.

What is New in the Tacoma X-Runner Concept?

Toyota isn’t known for resting on its laurels. The Tacoma X-Runner, however, is a testament of its innovative spirit. This mid-size truck departs from Toyota’s off-road tradition, and delivers a concept which is decidedly street-oriented. The X-Runner concept, with its lower suspension and power boost is a nod towards the performance enthusiast that also values the utility of a truck.

How powerful is the X-Runner engine?

The X-Runner’s core concept is its twin turbocharged 3.4-liter v-6 engine, which was derived directly from the Toyota Tundra. It produces 421 horsepower and a whopping 479 pound feet of torque, making it a powerful engine that can compete with any other! This engine is significantly more powerful than the top-tier hybrid four-cylinder of the 2024 Tacoma. This engine gives the truck not only a solid foundation, but also a thrilling ride.

What Drivetrain innovations are featured?

The X-Runner doesn’t stop at engine enhancements. The X-Runner is equipped with the solid axle of the Tundra and a 4.30 to 1 final drive, as well as an electronic locking differential. The advanced setup makes sure that the torque is efficiently transferred to the rear wheels and enhances the truck’s performance on the road.

Has the suspension been upgraded?

Toyota engineers have indeed implemented the air suspension from the Tundra. This feature allows Tacoma’s ride height to be lowered without compromising the vehicle’s load carrying capability. The suspension upgrades also include 2.5-inch Bilstein Shocks, stiffened springs, and a sporty ride.

What changes are being made to the bodywork?

The Tacoma X-Runner has a body that is more aggressive, and the attention to detail speaks volumes about its performance. The exhaust was rerouted so that it exits just below the rocker panels, which adds to the aggressive stance of the truck. Toyota went above and beyond by strengthening the frame and customizing the control arm to fit the truck’s lower stance.

What about the wheels and tires?

Wheels and tires are essential to any performance vehicle. Lacks Enterprises’ striking 21-inch carbon-fiber rims with forged aluminum centres are fitted to the X-Runner. While the Tacoma X-Runner Concept is capturing attention for its performance and design, Toyota 4Runner enthusiasts can similarly elevate their vehicles with RCI 4runner roof racks, enhancing both functionality and style for diverse adventures.

Is the X-Runner Concept a tribute to its predecessor?

Speedway Blue is the color chosen for this concept truck, a tribute to the Tacoma X-Runner which was introduced in 2004. This choice of color is more than just a nod in the past. It’s a statement about how Toyota respects the heritage and continues to innovate.

Will the X-Runner hit production lines?

Toyota hasn’t confirmed that a production model of this performance package will be available, but the reception the concept received at SEMA indicates the market is ready for such a car. Both enthusiasts and critics are excited to see the X-Runner go from concept into reality.

The conclusion of the article is:

Toyota’s 2024 Tacoma X-Runner Concept is a bold statement for the performance truck segment. It offers a perfect combination of street-readiness with pickup utility. Ford, the off-road champion, made a bold decision that could change our perception of mid-size pickup trucks. This concept is intriguing, but its implementation has yet to be determined.


  1. What is the Toyota Tacoma X-Runner 2024?
    • Toyota concept truck with a lowered chassis and twin-turbo engine. Showcased at SEMA in 2023.
  2. What is the power of the engine in a Tacoma X-Runner?
    • The 3.4-liter engine in the X-Runner delivers 421 horsepower, and 479 pound-feet torque.
  3. Is the suspension system on the 2024 X-Runner unique?
    • It does have Tundra’s air-suspension for a lower riding height and better load bearing capabilities.
  4. What are the features of the Tacoma X-Runner wheels?
    • The car features 21-inch wheels made of carbon fiber with aluminum center forged and Michelin Sport tires.
  5. Will the Tacoma X-Runner Concept go into production?
    • Toyota hasn’t confirmed future production, but the positive response from SEMA could hint at future plans.