Did you know that more than 90% of creative pros use Photoshop in their process?

Photoshop has revolutionized the way we edit digital media. Never before has premier photo editing been so accessible, and you need to start taking advantage of this trend today.

While Photoshop software can be intimidating at first, it’s well worth the investment both in financial terms and through the course of your initial learning curve. This guide will help keep you on track while you learn how to use Photoshop.

Read on for 4 essential photoshop software tips.

1. Learn About Layers

Layering is a crucial part of any digital editing project, and Photoshop is the perfect platform to utilize this powerful technique.

If you’re completely new to photo editing software, it can be helpful to picture layers as individual paper cutouts, each stacked on top of the other to create a final image.

You can individually modify each layer without affecting the sheets around it, saving you tons of time as you edit. 

2. Empower Yourself With Shortcuts

If you’re new to digital photo editing, we recommend you take the time to learn a few Photoshop keyboard shortcuts.

Learning the basic commands will drastically reduce your workload as you quickly select and edit each component of your finished project.

Use the help tab on your control panel to identify or edit your preferred keypad shortcuts.

3. Check Out the Clone Tool

The clone tool is one of the most effective and easy-to-use tools in the Photoshop application. If you need to clean up your image or remove an unsightly blot, this tool allows you to quickly paste over any unwanted spectacles with a carbon copy their the surroundings.

This tool is handy for projects where a minor imperfection is taking away from the impact of your image. You can use the clone tool to eliminate discrepancies and perfect your shot in moments.

4. Master the Pen Tool

The Pen Tool generates a vector path. This tool allows you to plot extremely accurate trajectories, but perfecting it takes some time. If it seems challenging at first, don’t give up. After you’ve created a path, you can always change it.

Choose the regular Pen Tool, then draw a path for your next editing selection. Once you’re happy with your path, you can use the taskbar to save and add it to an existing layer.

Check out the guide linked here for more advice on mastering this photo editing tool.

Learn How to Use Photoshop Today

Photoshop is a powerful photo editing application with numerous practical applications for your business. Taking the time to master it yourself is a crucial part of in-house marketing.

With this guide, you can begin to use Photoshop to your benefit. Start basic, and watch your photo editing skills go from strength to strength, winning clients and solidifying your public image.

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