The digitalization of the world is making the workplace more suspect as many people fear being replaced with tech – robots, machines. But that isn’t the whole picture, though; you need to look at it deeply. For example, cnc machining in China is still in demand all across the globe. This is because CNC machinists work with CNC machines to create parts of metal, plastic tools, etc. you have specialists and those who work in various machines. So, what jobs can you get as a CNC machinist? Here are five that you can look at.

Machine Operator

The first type of job you can get as a CNC machinist is a machine operator. See, those machines that certain people fear will replace them need people to operate them. If you know how to handle specific machines, you are all set to have a job. Some of the operator’s jobs include shaping and cutting metal, and you can find these types of jobs at any machine shop. The details of what they do are around computer-controlled machining.

Maintenance Tech

The machines don’t only need to be operated; they also need to be maintained. And most of them are maintained by a specialist as they aren’t your available machines. This is also a lucrative position that a CNC machinist can work in. To get this type of job, you need to be trained on the job. Unfortunately, there are no clear educational courses that you can take to help you with this career. Your training will last at least a year. It isn’t easy to get into any training program for this.

Design Engineer

Design too is a factor here, the job is more or less like the one taken by the machine operator, but here it focuses on design. Tools need to be specific; for example, a hammer needs to look like a hammer. The design engineer’s job is to ensure that this comes to fruition. Without the design engineer, there wouldn’t be any design in the items created by the machines.

Tool and Die Making

This is the part of the job that deals with the making and designing of the machines used here. They can also repair the devices since they know how they work. This trade alone in this sector amounts to around 72,500 jobs in the sector.

CNC Programmer

Most of the CNC machinists work in the fabricated metal and manufacturing sector. Then some work in the motor vehicle parts sector. These tend to use computer-controlled CNC machining tech. This is one of the complex ideas you can think of if you want a career as a machinist. The parts here are a bit complicated and are made only by specialized machines. You will need to learn how to operate these machines, which means on-the-job training.

Best Jobs In CNC Machining

If you have ever considered a career in the CNC machinist sector, these are the best ones to go for. Of course, you will have to take months of training for each, which is on-the-job, but they are quite a great move for your career.