Dads are a special part of any family. While they offer wisdom, care and support to the family, they often don’t get the accolades and appreciation that they deserve. Father’s Day is the perfect time to bring your whole family together to put your appreciation into words and actions. Don’t settle for another ordinary, uninspired Father’s Day celebration when you can make the day so much more. If you need ideas to host the best Father’s Day yet for the amazing dads in your life, here are five types of fun-filled activities that you need to try.

Interactive Experiences to Bring the Family Closer

Gifts are oftentimes a go-to route for many gift-givers; however, experiences can often be far more impactful. Consider gifts that have interactive, engaging elements for the whole family. Whether it is something to get everyone’s hands moving, something to spark a conversation or something that you can do together, an interactive, engaging experience can be a great choice. Think up what activities will speak to your dad’s interests and what experiences will bring the family together or something brand new. The most important thing is that it is engaging and fun. Finding fun things to do with dad on Father’s Day and throughout the rest of the year can help enhance and strengthen your relationship with your dad.

Competitive Experiences for the Whole Family

A bit of healthy competition can be a lot of fun and a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your father. Choose his favorite sport, club game or competitive activity and bring the whole family together around it. You can choose to host a one-time competition or build a tournament in your dad’s honor. You can even select an activity that he’s always wanted to try. Regardless of how you approach the competition, you’ll be sure to elicit giggles and joy while celebrating the amazing man in your life.

New Experiences to Expand Everyone’s Horizons

Another great way to bring the family together is through new experiences. Expanding your horizons through brand-new experiences will leave you with lifelong memories and stronger relationships. Whether your dad has always been interested in other languages, cooking, art or sports craftsmanship like woodworking, there are plenty of classes and eye-opening experiences that you can engage in as a family. If you all too frequently find yourselves glued to your phones, this is a great gift idea for your family and the whole family this Father’s Day. You can also book a family vacation centered around a destination that your dad has always wanted to visit.

Nostalgic Experiences to Take Him Down Memory Lane

While something new can add an element of excitement and thrill, sometimes something more nostalgic is the right way to go. Bring him back to a more youthful time in his life and let him embrace his inner child with a more nostalgic gift. Whether you find a favorite candy or snack from his past, visit one of the places from the stories of his childhood or dedicate time to documenting his life’s journey, invest in his past and show him how much that matters to you. A bit of interest, sentiment and care for his memories, will speak volumes and surely will be appreciated.

Delectable Experiences to Savor

Nothing brings families together like food. Congregating over delicious bites can bring the whole family together. For this year’s Father’s Day, consider centering your festivities and appreciation around those mouth-watering meals. You can grill up his summer favorites, bring him breakfast in bed or even take a cooking class together. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate your father, make sure that you incorporate his favorite flavors.

When Father’s Day rolls around this year, don’t rely on uninspired, ordinary gifts. Use these gift categories to elevate your gift-giving experience to something worthy of your amazing father. Let him know how much he means to you by giving him something meaningful and experiential, and it could be his favorite gift yet.