Sexually Transmitted Infections and diseases are among the most stringent challenges to community health. Men and women with active sexual regimes stand the most vulnerable to these threats. If you know the most common types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases for females and the key indicators for these troubles, you can approach medical assistance on time. The STD Testing Los Angeles clinics are there to assist you in the diagnosis and take necessary remedial measures if necessary. If you observe these symptoms in yourself, you must approach an STD Test Los Angeles Clinic at its earliest.

Women stand vulnerable to catching Human Papillomavirus.  

Regarding the most common STD types in women, HPV is probably the most common type. It would help if you took it on a very serious note, as it is the main cause of Cervical Cancer. Research suggests that most women approaching free STD testing California are diagnosed to be suffering from HPV. Extreme Vaginal itching, the appearance of rashes, excessive pain, and abnormal discharge can be indicators of HPV. In several cases, the victim is found to have urination troubles. It might include instances like excessive pain during urination and bloodstream urine. 

A good count of women worldwide suffers from Gonorrhea. 

Speaking of the most commonly observed Sexually Transmitted Diseases in women, Gonorrhea is one. Sores and Rashes, abnormal bleeding, and pain during sexual intercourse are among the most common symptoms of Gonorrhea. Besides, the victim is likely to have urination troubles. She is likely to experience pain during urination, or it might turn irregular. Itching around the vagina and abnormal vaginal discharge are the other common symptoms of this disease. Ladies suffering from Gonorrhea are likely to have greenish or yellowish vaginal discharge. 

Genital Herpes 

Speaking about the STD types that are most commonly observed in women, you need to give a special mention to Genital Herpes. Research suggests 1 out of every 5 female victims of STDs catches this disease. The attack of this STD is featured with Herpetic Sores that appear as extremely painful blisters. Genital Herpes appears most commonly around the vagina, buttocks, and anus. You may contact the STD testing Los Angeles clinic near you for taking a test. 


This STD is one of the most common STDs attacking women. Women under 25 years of age and leading a more active sexual life stand most vulnerable to this infection. Abnormal vaginal discharge, urination problems, and extreme pain are the usual symptoms of this infection. The biggest challenge in treating this infection is that the symptoms never outbreak unless the infection gets to an intense stage. So, by the time the symptoms start to outbreak, the trouble has already advanced. 


Trichomoniasis is most commonly observed in young women, especially during pregnancy. Mild-to-extreme pain and urinal troubles are the most common symptoms of this disease. Women catching this infection during pregnancy stand a chance to give birth to premature or underweight babies. 

If you observe any of these symptoms, and if the problems tend to last longer than usual, you need to approach a reliable STD testing Los Angeles clinic.