In the world of eCommerce where shoppers can easily access marketing content, businesses sometimes struggle a lot to get their offers noticed. But with React-native push notifications, businesses can get help to engage with more and more customers. 

React-native push notifications are a great way to help by providing your discounts directly to customers, who frequently have the patience to spend time browsing for the best deals. That’s right. Shoppers will notice because React-native push notifications display in browsers.

In this blog, we will discuss the 6 best eCommerce push notifications to engage customers. But before explaining this, let’s discuss what push notifications are.

What Are Push Notifications?       

Push notifications are brief, pop-up messages sent by a mobile app to a user’s device that appear even when the app is not active. These notifications are created to attract attention and might include reminders, updates, promotions, and other information.

Why Should You Use Push Notifications for eCommerce Marketing?

Here are the three reasons why incorporating push notifications in eCommerce marketing:

Reason 1: Loyalty is rewarded

Customers that are loyal to a brand spend more money on it. By providing push alerts regularly, you may cultivate consumer loyalty.

Reason 2: Sales promotions

With push notifications, you may directly communicate sales announcements, price reduction alerts, and other promotional communications with customers.

Reason 3: Shopping cart recovery

Almost 70% of all shopping cart products are abandoned. Push notifications are the best tool you may use to notify customers about forgotten purchases.

6 Best eCommerce Push Notifications to Engage Customers

Now, let’s see which are the 6 best eCommerce push notifications to engage users.

1. Price Drop Notifications

More than half of shoppers wait until a product is on sale before purchasing it. They also use price alert websites to find the finest eCommerce offers.

Sending push notifications with price decrease alerts is one option. Add subscription requests to product pages so that customers may sign up to receive them.

2. Sales Promotions

Two-thirds of online buyers purchased because they discovered a discount someplace on the internet. But why put them through the hassle of looking for those deals?

Push notifications from eCommerce stores may broadcast your sale announcements and promotions directly to your consumers’ browsers. This will make them delighted because they won’t have to look for coupons elsewhere. You can use push notifications to tell people when a product is on sale.

3. Coupon Notifications

Before making a purchase, nearly 59% of online customers look for coupons. That’s a lot of curiosity. So why not give them coupons directly?

Push notifications are ideal for communicating coupons and discount codes to subscribers. They are quick and will be detected more easily in browsers.

Coupon sharing ideas for eCommerce online push notifications:

  • First-time client welcome messages with discounts
  • Push alerts with coupons are sent regularly.

4. Back-in-stock push notifications

Someone has come to your eCommerce store. They look around, and yep, there is that product they seek.

But wait, what is it?

So near… The customer departs; there is no incentive to remain. But we’ll provide them with a reason. 

This is how you can entice customers to return to your store- Give them a way to be notified when the product becomes available. This is where push notifications shine because they are delivered quickly and straight to users’ browsers.

Add a push notification app to your store. Customers will be able to subscribe to browser notifications by clicking a unique button on product sites.

If a visitor subscribes, they will receive a browser push notification similar to this one. Appearing in your customer’ browsers in this manner will help you sell more in the store. But first, add push subscribers to your website so that you can deliver eCommerce promotions.

5. Invitations to participate in branded social media groups

54% of customers conduct product research on social media. So, to get profit, your eCommerce company needs to start growing its social media following. Use push notifications to send out reminders to your social media followers.

A customer clicks on the React native push notification to visit your company’s social media page. The best part is that you may gain social media followers automatically by using push notifications. Do that, and you’ll have a piece of that multi-million-dollar pie.

6. Reminders for abandoned shopping carts

eCommerce stores have some basic cart abandonment recovery solutions, but they are never sufficient. So, you must send reminder-based push notifications to your customers.

You can send cart recovery pushes to visitors who have subscribed to receive push notifications from your eCommerce store. They would be messages encouraging customers to complete their transactions.


These are the top six eCommerce push notifications for increasing sales awareness, engaging customers, and recovering revenues. Send these notifications to your customers and boost your user engagement. Moreover, if you are going to create React-native push notifications, then don’t forget to visit WonderPush. Here, you will be helped to create push notifications with ease and at affordable prices.