Many of us have a pile of belongings that cannot be stored in the house due to a lack of space. Such clutter can result in higher levels of anxiety and stress. Imagine coming back to an unorganized house after a long day at work. It is bound to have adverse effects on your mood.

The clutter also leads to the house being dirty. You are unable to reach a lot of corners that have piles of possessions lined up against them. The amount of dust that can gather there is unimaginable. Hence, it is necessary to keep your house neat for better hygiene. Some people are born with an innate need to have clean surroundings. However, the size of their house might not allow a lot of storage space. So, we have prepared a list of ways they can achieve a neater home in the limited space.

1. Go Through Your Belongings

One of the first steps to efficient storage is removing unnecessary items. Doing this will automatically clear up space to store important stuff. Start with one room at a time and tackle all problem areas that need cleaning. Divide all things into three piles – one that you have to keep, one that you wish to donate, and one to be thrown away.

Making piles will clarify how much you have gotten rid of. You can take the belongings to their final destination after forming the stacks. Make an effort to decide whether all items you are keeping are actually worth it or not. Rent a storage unit to store all things that are too expensive to purchase again, but you do not currently need them. It can be anything from a guitar to a mattress. Finding a reputable storage unit near your place is necessary for convenience and lesser transportation costs. For example, people in Alberta, Canada, can opt for Grande Prairie storage units for higher satisfaction and ease.

Ensure that you are a little hard on yourself during this process. It is human nature to hoard things we might never use. You will probably never wear a dress that has not seen the light of day for over a year. It is time to give it away. We suggest you request a friend to help you throughout this process. Ask them to hold you accountable and encourage you to get rid of things. Purging will give you a cleaner slate to work with. It will also bring you satisfaction and motivation to keep on working.

2. Install Shelving

Shelves are an efficient way to store things while also improving how your house looks. Modern and minimalistic floating shelves are trending currently. These allow for extra storage without taking up any floor space. Installing these will not make your room look smaller.

You can add baskets on these shelves along with books that might not have a designated spot. People have now started paying more attention to how they decorate these shelves. Surf the internet for some styling tips while keeping the space functional for storing purposes.

3. Utilize All Space Under And Over The Furniture

Under the bed is the perfect sport to store suitcases, shoe boxes, or other belongings. Remember to put these in the center to eradicate any chances of them showing. Putting things under the bed will give a cleaner look with everything out of sight.

Do not worry if your bed is too low for your belongings to fit. There are all kinds of bed risers. These go below all four corners of your bed to increase its height. Remember to buy the adjustable ones to change the height according to your needs.

Moreover, putting things over furniture pieces like the cupboard is also an option. However, it is necessary that you refrain from putting them in an unorganized manner. We suggest you buy presentable and sturdy baskets to put your things above the cupboard. It will help you store your items without them being aesthetically unappealing.

4. Install Racks And Hooks In Your Kitchen

Kitchen counters can look too cluttered if you do not have enough space. There are also more chances of damaging and breaking things if they are unorganized. One of the first things you can do for a neater aesthetic is installing hooks and racks. These will allow you to hang things and leave the counter empty. Use them to store cups since these are difficult to stack up in cabinets.

A pot rack can also be an efficient solution to your storage issues if you have a long and wide space in the kitchen. However, be wise when making this decision. Pots hanging in a small kitchen can look messy. Carefully analyze the space you have before installing a pot rack.

5. Buy Furniture With Storage In It

Fortunately, we live in a time when modern furniture designs are also functional. You might have come across study desks with cubicles under them as extra space. Moreover, some ottomans can open from the top to store things. Bulky stuff like blankets and sweaters can be put away in these until the right weather comes. These pieces can be a little expensive. However, you should treat it as a one-time investment that will save you several headaches in the future.

6. Move The Furniture Around

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as moving the furniture around. You can make optimum use of space by shifting things. Try out different layouts for your room to see which leaves the most area to roam around and keep other things. The new positioning can be a game-changer for you.


All of these things are easier said than done. Decluttering and organizing can be physically, emotionally, and creatively draining. Your motivation is a significant factor affecting your success in this challenge. Remember that taking help during this process is highly recommended. Request your friends to give you a hand in moving furniture and installing things. Make it a fun bonding experience for you all.