These days, most marketing is digital marketing. According to Forbes Magazine, digital media made up over 64% of total ad spending last year. Reaching customers in cyberspace presents its own unique set of perils and opportunities. Here are six key strategies for making your digital marketing campaigns more successful. If you wish to get positive results after implementing your strategies, you should learn more about digital marketing by taking up a Digital Marketing Training course.

1. Upgrade Networking Technologies

Digital marketing requires the same degree of coordination as any marketing strategy. Adopting project management software and using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) tools like Skype is often necessary to keep sales teams in contact. These systems can also replace time-consuming in-person meetings. The trend toward cloud migration, along with an increase in machine-to-machine (m2m) communication systems, are making this level of networking ubiquitous. Consider incorporating this technology into your broader sales strategy.

2. Leverage BPA 

Automating as many business processes as possible is a great way to cut overhead while making the most of your time. A range of business process automation (BPA) tools can help with this, notably customer relationship management (CRM) systems. CRM and similar sales force automation programs help keep track of a customer’s journey from prospect to repeat buyer. They can also perform menial tasks, like sending email and SMS messages, with a minimum of human input. This allows marketers to focus on being creative and engaging.

3. Keep Customer Service Human

One process that arguably shouldn’t be automated is customer service. Some studies show that the proper use of automated chatbots increases sales by up to 67%. Research also reveals that customers overwhelmingly prefer speaking to a live representative. The two trends aren’t at odds; customers like chatbots because they answer simple questions quickly. Complicated issues still require the human touch. Give your customers the option of speaking to an agent via phone, live chat, or email. Most importantly, keep wait times low and service personalized. Make dealing with your company a matter of convenience, not stress.

4. Optimize Websites Using Science

Text message campaigns and flashy advertisements mean nothing if your passive web presence doesn’t impress. Your brand’s web presence is the first impression that most customers will get of your company as a whole. Make user interfaces as intuitive as possible, including text layout, which should be easy on the eyes. For example, the most readable text follows a distinctive “F-pattern.” Build your iconography using color psychology. Colors like blue and black convey a sense of authority without saying a word. Learn how customers think, then tailor your web presence to be simple and organic.

5. Go Omnichannel

Social media gives digital marketers an array of channels for reaching customers. Standard multichannel marketing puts an emphasis on delivering the same message through different channels. A link to a VIP access code for a concert might be advertised in an email and a Twitter post on the same day. Omnichannel marketing is about tailoring the message to the channel and then cross-promoting. That access code could be sent via text while your TikTok account shows customers having fun at a previous show. In other words, omnichannel outreach is a way to make sales personal by making brand interaction immediate and organic. Consider both methods when planning a campaign.

6. Focus on Your Niche

It can be all too tempting to cast a wide net in sales. The issue is that everyone else in your industry is trying to reach the same people. This means that the best choice, at least initially, is to focus on a more specialized market. If you’re a vintage clothing seller, for example, think about narrowing your appeal to a specific aesthetic. Then you can focus on building a reputation for quality within that interest group. Recent research by PR firm Edelman found that 88% of consumers now buy based on their trust in a brand. Being known for authenticity by a few can gain you prestige throughout the market.


The internet is an exciting frontier in marketing. Making the most of it requires a distinct skill set. Consider these tips a starting point in your marketing journey this quarter.