Chocolate recipes are great, but only a few people know how to explore with a bowl of chocolate, if you are not one of them, don’t worry, because you have just landed on the right article. Below are list of amazing food that goes perfectly well with chocolate. 

And here’s one more, these recipes are very pretty easy to pull off so even if you are not a pro in the kitchen, you can still make something for yourself.


This is the perfect combo. Bread is one major staple for everyone, so having to try it with chocolate is just something anyone can try. Having bread with chocolate is more like having a cup of tea with some slices of bread, but trust me, this hits differently. Chocolate goes well with almost any kind of bread, not to mention toast, that makes everything even better. Spread some chocolate on a bread slice and allow your taste buds be mesmerized. Avoid getting so much on the bread so as not to fill yourself up with too much calorie. The best accompaniment for this will be a glass of cold juice. 


This has a long-standing history. Chocolate taste great, but could taste even better with milk. Milk with chocolate is a common breakfast drink for many families. It is creamy and most definitely, refreshing. The mixture can be served hot or cold, whatever works for you at that moment. A cup of cold milk with chocolate may be just what you need to relax on a hot day, while the hotter version works same wonders on cold mornings. If you like to make it a little more heavy, you can have the drink with some slices or bread or cookies. This goes well as a light nutritious breakfast to kickstart your day’s activities.


There are a lot of recipes to try out here, and yes they are all simple and delicious. It is a nice treat for a picnic hangout with friends. Chocolate-dipped marshmallow is one recipe to try. You can use vanilla-flavored marshmallows for this. The marshmallow is coated in melted chocolate, you can either do a full coating or just go halfway, whatever pleases the chef. Take things up a notch by adding shredded coconut, colored sugar or some sprinkles to the coated marshmallow. There are no specifications here. Whatever topping that goes well with you should be just perfect. If this is for a kids party, try hanging the marshmallows on cake pops or lolly stick.


Caramel and chocolate are just a match made in heaven. There are so many things to try out. The combo makes perfect desserts that you can enjoy after a delicious meal. You can make delicious cakes puddings and tarts with chocolate and salted caramel. There is really no limit to the things you can try out. The salted caramel rum hot chocolate is one you definitely want to try. It is an alcoholic blend of milk chocolate and think caramel. This is prepared with a mixture of rum and caramel, with whole milk and chocolate. A bit of flaky sea salt is also added to the mixture. Looking for a nice drink to entertain your visitors with on an evening get-together? This right here could be just what you need.


Not your regular chocolate recipe but this is definitely something to try. Fruits makes such nice combination with chocolate. You can use fruits like Strawberries, cherries, banana or to make the package even better, a stick of different varieties of fruits. Simply coat the fruit with some warm chocolate and enjoy all the goodness. Strawberries are more common for this. In fact, there are amazing recipes for chocolate covered strawberries that you can try on your free day. Some recipes requires that you add a little bit of colored sprinkles just to spice things up, and then refrigerate the chocolate-coated strawberry for some minutes. 


The regular is, adding milk to your coffee, but who said you can’t get something even better with chocolate. If you do not like taking your coffee solo, this is one way to give your taste buds a new treat. Coffee tastes great with some cocoa powder or milk chocolate. And yes, you can still add some milk, it makes it even tastier and creamier. So be sure to tell the barista at the coffee shop to spice up things a little for you with some chocolate, it sure is something to try out. 


Pretzels is an amazing food with a large number of possible accompaniments. If you intend to try something different with your pretzels, you can consider making some chocolate pretzels. The pretzels are usually dipped in chocolate and refrigerated. Sprinkles, colored sugars and chopped nuts can serve as amazing topping for this. Depending on how much topping you like, you can either coat the pretzels densely with the sprinkles and nuts, or just add it scantily; not everyone is a fan of sugary stuffs, so that works too. Pretzels can be made into different shapes so there’s a lot you can try out with these. 


What’s your favorite nut? Pour some into a bowl of warm chocolate and enjoy the amazing taste that follows. Peanuts and almond nuts are perfect to start with. Say goodbye to munching on your nuts alone, here is one thing to help you change the routine. This combination is tasty and likewise, nutritious. It can make the perfect snack for kids, and adults. For kids, consider using smaller nuts so it can be easily chewed. You’d be amazed how much healthy nuts you can get your kid to eat by trying this recipe. 
There are plenty of other amazing foods that go well with chocolate, you just have to be willing to explore. You can visit Melbourne chocolate factory to see different types of chocolate to use in your recipes. If you cannot get one of these foods mentioned here, to combine with your chocolate you can always try another. What are you waiting for? Let’s start coating with some chocolate!