Malacca (Malay pronunciation: Melaka) refers to a state in Malaysia, located in the Malay Peninsula’s southern region. It is next to the Strait of Malacca. Malacca City is the capital of the state. Also known as the Historic City, it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 7 July 2008.

It was home to the Malacca Sultanate, one of the first Malay sultanates. However, the Portuguese conquered the area in 1511. Head of state is Yang di-Pertua Negeri (or Governor). Malacca is a major tourist destination in Malaysia, and is known for its unique history. Malacca, once an important international trade centre for the East, is strategically located.

The history of the community has seen a wide range of ethnicities and races. In the State of Malacca today, significant ethnic groups include Malays, Chinese and Indians, Baba Nyonya (Kristtang), Chitty, and Eurasians.

Malacca is multi-lingual. Malacca’s official language is Malaysian, which is also used in government and the public sector. English is used extensively in business and tourism. There are many other minority languages, such as Hokkien and Mandarin, English, Tamil and Malayalam as well as Telugu and Telugu. Kristang (Portuguese Creole) is also spoken.


Each group holds on to their traditions and this is evident in their food and religion, customs, festivals and culture. UNESCO has recognized Malacca’s unique culture. Dondang Sayang, a Malay traditional art, is still being practiced in Malacca by four communities, the Malay (Baba Nyonya), Chitty, and Portuguese. This practice incorporates elements of music (violins/gongs/tamburines or tambourines), songs and chants, as well as melodious poetry. The songs, also known as love balls, are used to express love and offer advice on specific topics like love and kindness. The World Street Food Congress awarded Malacca recognition for Nyonya Siamese Noodles, Coolie Street Satay and other food items. You can find Malacca’s street food and delicacies in satay celup, chicken rice balls, duck noodles and Malacca-style wonton pasta, nyonya lasa, ayam podteh, asam pedas, asam pedas with fish and Portuguese grilled seafood, fishball lobak and coconut shake.


Malacca’s tourism industry is growing fast. It is a popular destination for Singaporeans to visit during weekends. Malacca adopted the slogan “Visiting Malacca Means visiting Malaysia” (“Melawat Melaka Bererti Melawati Malaysia”) as its slogan. Malacca provides a tourist map.

Malacca has been awarded numerous international awards in recent years. Forbes and Lonely Planet have both listed Malacca as one of the Top Travel Destinations in Asia and the World. Tripadvisor lists Malacca as one of the 10 Best Destinations In Malaysia. Waze App awarded Malacca the ‘Best City to Drive in’ award. The historic city ranks higher than major metros such as Sydney, Lisbon, or Barcelona. HuffPost has named Malacca as one of 15 Best Street Art Cities. Time magazine also ranked Malacca among the top places to retire and live.

Many historical buildings and places are found in Malacca. Many museums were built in order to preserve these sites. Malacca Museum Corporation manages most of the museums within the state. Museums in Malacca are Aborigines Museum, Agricultural Museum, Malacca Al-Quran Museum, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Customs Department Museum and etc.

Other historical structures include Fortress of Malacca and Alor Gajah British Graveyard. Bastion Middleburg, Dutch Graveyard.

You can also find galleries that show different aspects of Malacca’s life, such as the Chief Minister’s Gallery, Demang Abdul Ghani Gallery or Folks Art Gallery.

There are many attractions, education centers, resorts, and zoos located in Malacca: Al-Khawarizmi Astronomy Complex and A’ Famosa Resort.

Malacca is home to many natural-related tourist attractions, including Ayer Keroh lake, Bukit Batu Labah Recreational Forest and Cape Rachado. Malacca also has hot springs such as Gadek Hot Spring or Jasin Hot Spring.

Malacca is multi-religious, so many worshipping places are available around the state. The public squares of Malacca include Alor Gajah Square (one-malaysia), Jasin Square, Jasin Square, Jasin Square, and Ayer Keroh Square.

On weekends, you can find night markets along Jonker Walk in Chinatown and along Puteri Beach at Tanjung Kling. There are approximately 87 night markets in Malacca. Special night markets are open along major roads during the Islamic fasting month.
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