Companies and startups automate the travel and expense management process end-to-end by implementing corporate travel systems. The features provided by the software help business travelers make business travel arrangements, manage business travel risks, and submit expense reports.

Leading providers these days make the corporate travel system accessible on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets by adopting responsive web design. Also, they complement the desktop version of the software with a corporate travel app.

Business travelers like you can access the travel management app using mobile devices on the go. Also, you can save time by leveraging the business travel app before, during, and after a domestic or international business trip.

11 Benefits of Using a Corporate Travel App Before, During, and After Business Trips

1. Access Relevant Rules and Guidelines

While configuring the corporate travel system, travel managers implement custom and granular travel and expense (T&E) policies. You can use the mobile app to access organizational T&E policies on the go. The seamless policy action helps you book flights, accommodations, car rentals, and other business travel products according to preset policies. Also, you can access these guidelines to identify and avoid non-reimbursable travel expenses.

2. Send Business Travel Approval Request

Travel managers customize the corporate travel software by defining multi-level approval workflows. You can use the corporate travel app to know who can approve a specific type of business trip. Also, you can use the mobile app to send business travel approval requests directly to the appropriate authority. The automated notifications sent by the app will help you complete business travel booking early by tracking the real-time status of your approval request.

3. Speed up Business Travel Booking

You can use the corporate travel app to access a travel inventory customized according to the travel destination and T&E policy. The inventory allows you to compare and choose travel products provided by various suppliers. At the same time, it simplifies business travel booking by supporting multiple currencies and payment methods. You can leverage the app to book the desired travel products in minutes.

4. Receive Personalized Recommendations

New-age corporate travel systems these days recommend appropriate travel products using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. They choose and recommend travel products according to your business history and travel choices. You can leverage the personalized recommendations to reduce the time and effort required to make business travel arrangements.

5. Manage Booking Changes

In addition to facilitating self-booking and making personalized recommendations, travel management solutions simplify booking cancellations and rescheduling. You can use the mobile app to cancel and reschedule bookings directly without visiting supplier websites. Also, the app helps you alter bookings without paying hefty cancellation fees.

6. Receive Real-Time Information

The travel management app keeps you safe and stress-free by delivering a variety of real-time information. You can enable notifications to know real-time flight status without visiting websites. Likewise, you can mitigate many business travel risks by reading the travel alerts and safety guidelines sent by the mobile app.

7. Get Travel Assistance

Providers these days boost corporate travel systems by providing 24/7 customer support. You can use the business travel app to communicate with a customer travel agent regardless of the current location. Multichannel customer support helps you get relevant information while making business travel itineraries and business travel arrangements. Further, you can use the app to manage emerging business travel risks by getting real-time assistance.

8. Get Emergency Assistance

Companies these days meet a legal and moral application by implementing software featuring comprehensive duty-of-care solutions. Leading providers ensure the safety and security of work travelers across destinations by partnering with global health and security risk firms. You can use the corporate travel app to access the duty-of-care solution instantly. The solution helps you stay safe by getting the required emergency assistance in minutes.

9. Submit Automated Expense Reports

After the business trip, you need to claim travel expenses by submitting expense reports. There will be a delay in travel expense reimbursements if you do not submit expense reports early and accurately. You can use the corporate travel app to generate automated travel expenses.

The app allows you to scan various invoices and receipts using your mobile phone. Also, it produces digital expense reports by capturing required information from scanned invoices.

You can leverage the features to save the time required to generate expense reports, ensure data accuracy, and fix data entry errors. You can use the app to submit the automated expense report directly.

10. Protect Personal and Sensitive Data

While booking business travel products, you have to share your personal data. Likewise, you need to share sensitive financial information while making digital payments. You must explore ways to eliminate the chances of identity theft and financial fraud while sharing personal and sensitive information.

A travel management system enhances data security using advanced encryption technologies. Also, it prevents cybercriminals from accessing sensitive information by installing robust security firewalls. Hence, you can use the corporate travel app to complete various transactions safely and efficiently.

11. Access Special Deals

Most companies these days motivate business travelers by supporting bleisure travel. But they require employees to fund the leisure part of the trip. Hence, you can enjoy business and leisure travel simultaneously by booking various travel products at less than market rates.

You can use the corporate travel app to get special deals and discounts while booking business travel products for your personal trip. The special deals help you leverage bleisure travel without spending more money out of pocket.


Leading providers these days focus on optimizing the mobile user experience of the corporate travel system. Also, they improve the business travel experience and safety by launching a corporate travel app. You can gather information and get support by accessing the mobile app regardless of current location.

At the same time, you can save time and effort by using the corporate travel app before, during, and after business trips. Hence, you must install the app on your device and allow it to send automated notifications before engaging in domestic or international business travel.