The world’s second largest paper producer, New Zealand-based Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), has its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and operates in 25 countries. With a presence in Asia and Africa, APP works in more than 3,600 square miles of forests, plantations and natural stands. In this article, you will learn about Asia Pulp and Paper company, its operations, and its products.

Asia Pulp and Paper Company

Asia Pulp and Paper Company was founded in 1970 in Malaysia. The company is currently owned by the Government of Malaysia and its shares are listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Asia Pulp and Paper’s operations center around timber, pulp, paper, and packaging material production. With a global presence across 25 countries, Asia Pulp and Paper is one of the most prominent paper manufacturers in the world. To learn more about check it out here

Asia Pulp and Paper Value Proposition

Asia Pulp and Paper has a wide variety of products that vary in product category. Some of their most popular products include: newsprint, toilet paper, tissue paper, towels, napkins, agricultural pulp, and packaging materials. All of these products are produced using sustainable practices. They’re also a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which ensures that their products are a good match for nature and the planet. Another way that Asia Pulp and Paper tries to be environmentally friendly is by partnering with other companies to create new items without harming forests or natural resources. For example, they partnered with Unilever in order to produce eco-friendly detergents.

Asia Pulp and Paper Products

Asia Pulp and Paper is a global paper producer with a presence in 25 countries. It is the second largest paper producer in the world, and in Asia, it operates in more than 3,600 square miles of forests, plantations and natural stands. The company offers a wide range of products including newsprint, glossy magazines, toilet tissue, facial tissue, napkins and towels. Its most recent innovation has been to distribute its high-quality papers globally under the brand name “Natural Earth.” Asia Pulp and Paper also produces packaging materials like cardboard and corrugated board as well as specialty papers like rice paper for Asian cuisine. The company operates mills in Malaysia that produce about 1 million metric tons of pulp annually.

Asia Pulp and Paper Operations

Asia Pulp and Paper operates in 25 countries, producing 3.6 million metric tons of paper per year. The company has a presence in Asia and Africa. The company’s products include tissue, toilet tissue, diapers, facial tissue, newsprint and bulk paper stock. Asia Pulp and Paper is the world’s second-largest producer of paper after Kimberly-Clark Corporation.


Asia Pulp and Paper is a company that focuses on paper, pulp and plywood manufacturing. Their products range from cardboard and paper goods to packaging and plywood, which are manufactured in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. Asia Pulp and Paper Company (APPC) is an international pulp and paper manufacturing company with operations in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Asia Pulp and Paper Value Proposition: Provides a wide range of paper products to meet the needs of customers in all industries. Provides solutions for both large-scale industrial production and small-scale domestic production. Asia Pulp and Paper Products: – Bagged waste paper – Cardboard – Paper boxes – Paper towels – Paper bags – Paper napkins – Printed paper – Bonded paper – Corrugated paper – Polypropylene film – Packing materials – Plywood