Similar to the other games in the series, Odyssey and Origin, it continues the open-world RPG gameplay. AC Valhalla does contain some of the classic stealth-action sequences that became the most memorable moments of earlier games. In the next chapter, we will look at the story of Assassin’s Clead Valhalla the game is set within Dark Age England, the period when the Vikings were beginning to take over England. It is a true accurate and precise recreation of that period. A large portion of the time was spent on creating and describing the game and it is clearly evident through the exact depiction and the beauty while playing. The goal of the game is to battle various kingdoms in England. Beyond the primary objectives players are also able to complete additional quests like The Assassin’s creed Valhalla Daughters of Lerion.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Daughters of Lerion

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Girls of Lerion is an optional mission , or three missions to be precise, that players must finish to unlock Thor’s armor which is the ultimate god’s prize. The players have to locate each daughter and beatthem in the battle. The daughters are powerful creatures who employ dark magic to get revenge on their father’s murder. They kill anyone who is unfortunate enough to come across them. Three daughters:

  • Goneril
  • Regan
  • Cordelia

They’re located in different locations throughout the eastern part of England and players must find their territory and then kill them. However, beware that the creatures are more formidable than any other villains you will encounter within the games. They possess special abilities that can cause hallucinations, disorientation and even apathy. They employ Dark Magic to weaken their opponents, and then sacrifice to the god that of their dad. If players beat each of girls, they are awarded an exclusive reward which they can play with in the future. The rewards are so beautiful and unique that no player could ignore these rewards. Therefore, be prepared to battle for a long time because Lerion’s daughters Lerion will not be taken away quickly.

A few of the benefits of beating the girls include:

  • Thor’s Breeches If you beat Goneril
  • Thor’s Battle Plate for defeating Regan
  • Thor’s Gauntlets for defeating Cordelia

Other than these they also each come with an axe that players must insert into an unidentified statue to unlock Thor’s armor.

How do I locate how to find Daughters of Lerion in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

If you’d like to find them and take them down Here are their places,

  • Goneril has a grip on Goneril terrorizes the Spalda Fens within Grantebridgescire. Her territory is located in the northern part of the swamps from the Isle of Ely Monastery.
  • Regan lives near Walsham Crag in East Anglia. You can spot her home when you spot an arena with a sunken ledge near the northern coast that is Eastern Anglia.
  • The third and last daughter Cordelia lives at Berkelouw Bog, also present in East Anglia. Travel to the Southwest part in East Anglia. Once you reach Grantebridge and then heading west, and you’ll soon come across an arena, surrounded by decay and strange-looking symbols.

If you’re planning to go after them this weekend, here are some unique strategies to help you beat them.

Tips for Defeating Goneril

Expert gamers recommend that in winning against Goneril players should be at least power level of 90. The battle for beating Goneril is a tough one, as she’s stronger than bosses and Zealots. Furthermore, she is known to repeat her actions and disappear, therefore hitting her directly won’t be effective. The best method is to continue to dodge it and continue to hit her frequently because she panics when her attacks fail to hit. Preparing for her attacks in advance allows you to strike her directly. Therefore, in order to be defeated by Goneril Keep moving constantly and attack her side-by-side.

Defeating Cordelia

Gamers suggest that players with an energizing level of 340 or greater should attempt to take on Cordelia. This means that it’s better to fight her as you’re getting ready to complete the story. You must take on her challenge by avoiding her attacks, including the red-rune-based attack and evaluating her moves. One of the best tips for defeating her is to make use of poisonous weapons, as it is the best to defeat her. It is possible to use fast weapons like daggers to swiftly attack and avoid her attacks. In addition, she’s very agile and quick, which means you need to be careful when fighting her. If you’re not strong enough and endurance, she’ll take you down in a matter of minutes. Particularly, be aware of her red rune attacks since they’re deadly.

How to Defeat Regan

The fight to take down Regan is very like the battle of Goneril. The battle is fought in Grantebridgescire Experts suggest that the participant should be able to achieve a power rating of at least 110. Similar to Goneril, Regan likes to transfer herself and create replicas. Thus the best method of taking her down is to use Axe Throw. Axe Throw ability to strike her. Other attacks, such as charges or ranged skills aren’t able to harm her. So, the best method to defeat her is to avoid her attacks and always attacking her. In addition, knowing her attack patterns will provide you with an opportunity to strike her.

When her health falls below the half-bar and she begins to use attacks with fire that instantly cause you to catch the fire if you are struck. To prevent this from happening, be alert for any attacks and, even in the event that you are caught on fire, you can roll onto the ground to take it out.

Overall, this portion of Assassin’s creed is a should-try. People who love Norse mythology will definitely enjoy the game.