Ever been to a hill station and enjoyed the sunset view, relaxed on a comfy chair, soaking in the picture, and sipping your favorite cup of tea with your family? If yes, you know the satisfaction you get when you have all the camping accessories like a camping chair right where you need them. Don’t worry if you have yet to travel to a hill station or have yet to experience the totality of a camping experience. This article will help you understand one such aspect of camping (the camping chair) and how you can benefit from taking camping chairs on your next hill station trip.

First, let us start by understanding what camping chairs are and their different types. Camping chairs, also known as foldable chairs, are lightweight and portable chairs that you can easily fold into flat pieces and carry to campsites. Usually, camping chairs have fabric as the seating and back-rest material. The chairs come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. Some are simple chairs; others have cup holders or are attached to a backpack, or come in a 2-seater form.

Following are some of the benefits of taking camping chairs with you to a hill station.

1. Convenience And Comfort:

One of the biggest benefits of taking a camping chair is the convenience it provides for the camper. According to Forbes, camping chairs allow you to relax at your campsite, read a book amidst the natural landscape or enjoy a night of bonfire outside the camp. After trekking for a few miles during the day to reach the campsite, your back will be sore. That is when you will want to rest outside the camp with your favorite hot beverage, and a camping chair gives you a proper back-rest to comfort your stiff back. An ultra compact camping chair andute bed rackhelps you carry them without taking much space or adding weight to your backpack.

2. Multipurpose Use:

Camping chairs come with a variety of bells and whistles. A popular UK-based camping magazine describes various types of camping chairs. Some have a sturdy seating fabric that can act as a table to put stuff like food, dishes, small bags, etc., whereas others may have accessories attached to them like extra compartments to store beer bottles or side cup holders to hold beverages. Interesting use of a camping chair could be to act as a camera or mobile stand so that you could click portrait pics of you and your family along with the backdrop of the mountains. You could also use the chair as a stand for a portable projector for you to watch a movie by projecting the film on the tent fabric. It could make for a memorable outdoor camp movie experience.

3. Portability:

The most significant advantage of a camping chair is its portability. The aluminum frame and the nylon fabric make the camping chairs extraordinarily lightweight and compact. Hence they are easy to carry in your backpack. Some chairs are an extension of your backpack and can protrude out when needed so that you can keep your backpack down and sit on it. Modifications to these chairs would be chairs with shoulder straps and carry cases. The advantage of portability is that while hiking or trekking, you could pull the camping chair out at any point of the trek and sit on it to take a 5 minutes break to catch your breath. Therefore, no matter where you go, you rest assured to find a seat to sit.

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4. Social Gatherings:

If you are traveling with a group of friends or family members, carrying camping chairs for each of you is an excellent idea because you can recreate the social gathering at your home at the campsite. As camping chairs come in different designs, you can have adequate options to recreate your living room.  For example, the camping loveseats are specially designed camping chairs that can seat two people, an ideal choice for a couple to get cozy around a bonfire. Similarly, camping chairs with canopies allow you and your gang to chill outside during a drizzle without getting wet. There are hanging chairs that act like hammocks for the lazy friend at the party. Finally, the built-in cooler chair has a pocket compartment below the seat with an insulated lining to keep your drinks chilled enough. With a combination of these different types of camping chairs, no wonder camping with friends and loved ones will always be fun.


Apart from the above benefits, camping chairs can provide good ergonomics for your back and legs and allow you to show off your camping accessory collection to your fellow campers. The chairs come in a vast variety, and you must do your research to select and use the camping chair that suits your needs. We hope you find the right kind of camping chair and that this article will help you make your next hill station trip a memorable one. Don’t forget to share your memories with the camping chair with us. Bon Voyage!