Made with fresh rice, Biryani is the most loved dish in North India. The dish became famous during the Mughals, and thus, Biryani is considered to be the Mughlai dish. In case you want to try some of the best variants of Biryani, then Delhi is the perfect place for you. The capital city has an array of joints where you can binge on your favorite Biryani.

List of Places that are perfect to Binge Biryani in Delhi NCR

  1. Biryani Blues

Located in Malviya Nagar, Biryani Blues is an ideal place to binge on your favorite Biryani. The place has nice interiors that would take you away from all the hassle of life. With classy music around you will good and enjoy the food. Talking about the menu, you would love it since it has all types of biryanis prepared across the country. Chicken Biryani and Shikampuri Kebabs are some of the top-rated food items of the place that one must try.

  1. Deez Biryani

What is impressive about this place is the fact that it has different recipes of Biryani available in different handi sizes that have the potential to serve more than 50 people. Besides Biryani, the place also has mouth-watering veg, mutton, and chicken kebabs. The place is famous for cooking in rice bran oil and takes all the hygiene measures. This has some of the nest Biryanis, and thus, it is one of the best places to order Biryani in Delhi NCR.

  1.  Oberoi Biryani

In case you are hunting for a unique mutton dish, then your hunt should end at Oberoi Biryani. They have a wide range of drool-worthy mutton biryani and other dishes that you would love to relish. You would also be amazed by their presentation. The dining area is quite simple yet appealing. The place is apt for families and friends. Surprisingly the place is open till 4 in the morning, so if you decide to binge on Biryani early in the morning, you know where you have to come

  1. Beeryani

Talking about Biryani, how can we not add the name of Beeryani in our list of best places to order Biryani in Delhi. Located in IIT college Delhi, this place is an ideal hub for all the college students. The place is quite simple and sober; however, you would love the ambiance. The only problem you might find with the place is that it is always crowded, so if you want some peace, you can order your favorite dish online. Online food delivery apps like Zomato are perfect. You can also avail Zomato coupons and save a considerable amount. Besides Biryani, do give a try to their other north Indian cuisines.

  1. Anand Restaurant

Like the name, like food! Located in the heart of the capital city – Connaught Place, Anand restaurant is a go-to destination for every Biryani lover. The menu of the place has a wide range of Biryanis from across the globe. The place is famous for its Mutton Biryani. In case you love spices than you should surely visit the place soon. Their lip-smacking Biryanis will leave in awe. The mutton rogan josh and seekh kebab are must to try.

  1. Alkauser

The place is no less than a heaven for all vegetarians as the place offers an array of vegetarian Biryanis that are as authentic and delicious as their non-vegetarian counter. If you ever visit the place, do not forget to try the highlight of the place, which is Lucknow Dum Handi Biryani. It is a Mughlai food that tastes amazing. You can double it with their excellent services. You can visit the place with your friends and family. It has nice interiors and softest kebab, which your granny can also try. Make sure you binge on their phirnee too since you would not find as delicious phirnee. Do try the place soon.

  1. Bikkgane Biryani

For all the Biryani lovers who crave for authentic and spicy Biryani, this is a perfect place. It has authentic Hyderabadi style Biryani that will surely make you fall in love for Biryani. They also have a vast range of yummy starters, North Indian cuisine, and other Biryani dishes worth trying. Do give this place a visit soon. After the bowl of Biryani, do order their popular Khurbani ka meetha dessert.

  1. OZRA

The casual dining restaurant is perfect for trying different types of Biryani. They are famous for Kashmiri preparations. This happening place is apt for all the college-goers and families. You would surely love the ambiance of the place, and the hot delicacy served on your plate. Recipes like Pakki Biryani, Berr Pulao are perfect for trying in all types of weather.


This blog post is a perfect destination for all Biryani lovers. Here we have curated best of the places in Delhi and NCR from where you can order your favorite variant of Biryani; you can also drop by the place and enjoy Biryanis and other North Indian cuisines and desserts.