For men who don’t like to always sit at home to watch TV when bored but like outdoor adventure, owning a good pair of tactical or cargo pants is vital. For one to get the best tactical hiking pants, there are a lot of qualities to observe. Several outdoor tactical pants are available in different sizes, shades, and styles.

It is vital for men’s tactical pants not to be tight. It should also be free to provide comfort and proper air circulation. Plus, you will need all the space to run in the wild. Let’s get started.

Best Tactical Cargo Pants for Men: What are They?

1. Police Tactical Pants

These are suitable for law enforcement agents such as patrol officers. These tactical pants for men are also ideal for field officers and trainers in the academy. Moreover, these men’s tactical pants provide protection and comfort. 

They also have comfortable waistbands and spacious pockets. Plus, the elastic materials used to make them enhance freedom of movement. Still, another unique feature of police tactical pants is that they have a special finish to prevent stains.

Some examples are;

  • Stryke Tactical Pants
  • XP Tactical Jeans
  • Taclite Pro Pants
  • Enduro Cargo Pants
  • V2 Tactical Pants
  • Xpedition Pants
  • Phantom Pants
  • Pro Flex Pants 
  • Stretchy Pants

2. Military’s Outdoor Tactical Pants

These military combat cargo pants consist of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They are stain and moisture-resistant due to the unique Teflon fabric used in making them. Plus, these materials contain scratch-resistant properties, which enable them to last a long time. 

In addition, these hiking pants have 11 pockets for carrying various military equipment. Plus, they are lightweight and free.

3. Waterproof, Windproof Hiking Tactical Pants

These men’s tactical pants are windproof and provide warmth in the cold. They consist of 8% spandex and 92% polyester and come in different shades and sizes. 

These peculiar pants are of two kinds: the thin, fast-moisture-drying type, and the thick fleece. They also come with waterproof pockets, which keep items safe and dry.

4. Winter Waterproof Cargo Pants

Tactical pants of this nature are suitable for the winter seasons. These waterproof pants are also great for winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. 

The inner side of these pants provides warmth and comfort from the freezing temperatures. In addition, some of these pants could also consist of two pockets with zippers attached to them to secure items. So, if you need pants for the winter, here is a great pick.

5. Quick-Dry Mountain Hike Tactical Pants

These pants contain an inner fleece for warmth during cold nights. The outer surface consists of soft-shell polyester. With a composition of 3% spandex and 97% polyester, these pants provide excellent comfort. 

They are also windproof and have a flexible waist belt for easy movement. They are great for fishing trips, bonfires, skiing, camping, and lots more.

6. Survival Air Circulation Men’s Cargo Pants

These pants are one of the most stylish tactical pants available. Plus, they are durable and flexible for different conditions. They also have the exceptional quality of having a great air circulation system. This air circulation makes a one-mile run feel like a stroll. 

Some pants also have added features like knee protection and 16 pockets. These many pockets are for keeping gadgets and storing valuables. These pants come in different color varieties and are a great pair for your next hiking trip. 

7. Men’s Tactical Ripstop Pants

The fantastic feature of these tactical pants is that they have a double-layered seat with breathable ripstop fabric. This material prevents the pants from shrinking, fading, and wrinkling. These pants also have an inbuilt Velcro strap for size adjustment. 

Some ripstop pants are moisture-repellent, which extends the lifespan of the pant. It also comes with many pockets placed at the sides for carrying gadgets and valuables. These pants come in different colors, which you can use as camouflage. People love these pants due to their diverse colors and their durability.

Qualities of Men’s Tactical Pants

  • Flexibility

It is essential that hiking pants are flexible enough to allow unrestricted movement. It would be best to avoid buying pants that are tight or loose. Tight pants can be uncomfortable and rip while in transit. Loose pants can get tangled in trees and bushes.

  • Pocket Capacity

The pocket capacity of the best tactical pants should be deep. This depth is for the ability to carry many loads. Also, the pocket capacity should have a design that prevents bulging and fatigue. Pockets can have zippers and buttons to prevent items from falling out of them.

  • Protection

The primary thing to look out for in a pair of pants is protection. Men should be confident that these pants protect them when hiking and engaging in other intense activities. In addition, they should have a thick sole to protect your knees in case an accident occurs.

  • Weather Friendly

Tactical pants should be compatible with and adaptable to any weather condition. They should be thick enough to provide warmth in the cold seasons. Yet, they should also absorb moisture to cool off in the hot weather. Thus, they should be waterproof and shield the body from the rain.

  • Durability

Durable tactical pants for men are composed of cotton and polyester. These materials are rip-resistant and can provide appropriate aeration. Other durable pants could have reinforcement at the buttocks, knees, or groin. These reinforcements provide extra security for these delicate body parts.


Men’s tactical pants come in different styles, sizes, and colors. But to get the best, you should look for durability, pocket depths, and numbers alongside their protective features. Protective features such as knee protection, liquid resistance, and wind protection are vital. 

It is also best to buy tactical pants made with a mixture of polyester and cotton, as these materials are rip-resistant. It is also safe to go for pants whose pockets have zippers or buttons. This way, the items in the pocket will not fall off.