That time of the year when everyone complains of warm weather is here again; summer is here, you all. It is rare for a season to have its dedicated dress, but summer defies that.

Everything that seems in vogue in this age has a history if checked very well. We have seen celebrities go back in history to bring a fashion trend in terms of hairstyles or dresses, and boom! Everyone starts following the trend all over.

Summer dress has a detailed history even though it doesn’t seem long; it is worth explaining to everyone who cares to know what birthed the casual dress we all see these days.

Origin Of Summer Dress

The emergence of summer dress dates back to the early 1940 before becoming popular in the 50s and 60s through the help of Lily Pulitzer. The dress style is casual wear worn during warm weather; it is usually made with cotton to aid aeration.

Right now, the summer dress is known around the world, but Lily Pulitzer, who invented it, did so to hide stains and not solely for warm weather. Lily Pulitzer was a stylish hostess who started the summer dress project during her visit to a juice stand on a beach.

The effort she made was to hide stains as the clothes then were usually white and thick, so she instructed her designers to prioritize other colors while also considering the dress’s material.

The results attracted more attention than the main issue she was trying to tackle, but it’s a huge project, so she focused on selling the summer dresses and that birthed summer dress.

Since the discovery of the summer dress, it has been accepted globally by all and sundry because it is more comfortable to wear and helps reduce dehydration through sweat. The style ranges from full-length or mini, and it can be styled with any hemline or neckline; so far, it is not body-fitted.

Summer dress is like other dresses, just that the material used for it has been one that aids aeration so it can help reduce the level of sweat during summer. Aside from this, it can be styled just like other types of dresses with zips, buttons, or fasteners.

Why Is Summer Dress Still Popular?

If there is any dress that remains in vogue after several generations, then it is a summer dress. The fact that it is still trending in 2022 after its discovery in the early 40s shows how popular it is.

Summer cute boutique dresses by Magnolia Boutique are like companions to ladies, and it is evident that the popularity of females is higher than that of males hence the evergreen popularity.

Summer is here, and it is normal to see everyone in one, but even after summer, people still rock summer dresses. This brings the million-dollar question: why is summer dress still popular?

It is Classy

Summer dresses are a type of women’s dresses that fit all occasions, anytime, any day and anywhere. Most celebrities rock it effortlessly to dinner, awards, and even concerts. Summer dress is easy to wear and doesn’t weigh the wearer down.

It is Nostalgic

Summer dress brings out cuteness in ladies and guys. A little throwback to the college football games where the ladies rock summer dress and guys in casual wear bring that nostalgic feeling.

It is Transformative

Both genders have different demeanours while in summer dress as it boosts their confidence and enhances their beauty. A cute guy in a summer dress will definitely look cuter, and a hot lady in a summer dress will look hotter.

It is Global

It is evident that global travel is one of the influences on the trending summer dresses as ideas are gotten from European jumpsuits, Middle-Eastern kaftans, and high waist shorts.


The time of the season that has everyone on their toes preparing for its effects is here, and it is important to know how some of the things we do during summer originate. Summer dress, for instance, wasn’t a thing until Lily Pulitzer pioneered it in 1940.

Many would have thought that the dress style wouldn’t last a decade, but here we are in 2022, still rocking it because they are global, transformative, nostalgic, and classy.