This article will explain you through the pricing for Charizard Rainbow Vstar and Vmax cards as well as how they appear.

Do you enjoy the game of Pokemon Trading Cards? This Pokemon game can be described as the most blockbuster that has been played for a long time and trading cards have become increasingly sought-after by players. Many people from diverse places such as AustraliaCanada and in the United Kingdom, and the United States are looking forward to the next installment of the series. The new version of Charizard Rainbow Vstar has been launched.

A few of you may know about it, however, a lot of the less experienced and novice gamers are unaware of it. We have provided all the information to assist you. Read this article until the conclusion.

Table of Contents

  • About Charizard Vstar?
  • Charizard Rainbow Vstar price
  • First Appearance
  • Conclusion

About Charizard Vstar?

Charizard is a Vstar fire-type Pokemon card. It’s part of the Brilliant Stars Expansion. It’s an alternative for Vmax on the Pokemon card. It features print-feature artwork from 5ban Graphics. The card first came out in the Star Birth Expansion of Japan. The card is adorned with sparkle effects and rainbows and also has glitter work applied to it. It’s so rare and beautiful.

Charizard Rainbow Vstar price

The Pokemon series of Pokemon cards are sold at multiple retailers. The first time it was introduced was during the Japanese Star Birth. Numerous cards are accessible as part of Charizard Vstar. Charizard Vstar rainbow card, and each one is available with a different selection.

  • Pokemon Charizard Moon and Sun Card with Burning: $205.00
  • Pokemon TCG Charizard Holo Secret Rare: $275.00
  • Pokemon Charizard Rainbow Rare Burning: $161.73

The cost may differ depending on the different websites. For instance, you can purchase Charizard VStar Lot set Pokemon cards for $399.00 on It is contingent on the location and the website you choose to purchase. Therefore, you should choose the best price for Charizard Rainbow Vstar. There is a lot of websites sell these cards for more than $500. It is dependent on you the place you purchase the cards.

First Appearance

Rainbow VMax and Rainbow VMax and VStar have been first seen in Japan in the Charizard HR competition’s winner as promotional images. The competition was created which saw multiple players participate in battles for shields. Numerous physical prizes and points were presented to the participants. A gift bag that contained Charizard VMax as well as Rainbow Rare Charizard V was awarded for the winner. The winners are able to sell or upgrade the cards to collectors for $500. It’s true that the Chrizard Rainbow Vstar is stunning, however the VMax is more intriguing.

If we look at Vstar’s appearance, it features rainbow-like shades and colors. It also sparkles beautifully everywhere. The card’s number is listed in the upper right-hand corner.


To conclude this article If you are thinking to purchase this Rainbow unusual Vstar card can compare the cost from various sites. The card has a attractive design with a variety of shades, colors with glittery and glistening effects. Click here to find out more details about this Rainbow Rare Charizard card.

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