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The people from Canada,the United States,the United Kingdom, Australia,and Indiaplay the wordle game. They love playing online game of guessing along with their family and friends.

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What is Chide?

A five-letter word that begins with the letter de was provided as a clue to the wordle game on April 21st 2022. In the aftermath, many are trying to find the answer to this question. Five letter words beginning with ‘DE’ are abide abode the, amide, anode azide and so on. However, the answer on the 21st of April was oxide even though many believe it was “Chide.’

The definition the word Chide is to discipline an individual. Its synonyms are scolding, chastise to upbraid, admonish or refutations, reprimands, reproach or reprove, for example. So, people are looking for Chide as an Word.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is among the most popular word games online developed by an Computer Engineer, Josh Wardle. In the past, Josh created the game for his friend. However, when he played the game with others from his family they found it intriguing.

The game then became very popular on social media sites and more people began to play. In the wake of its success it was discovered that it was discovered that the New York Times Company purchased the game from Josh for a substantial sum.If you enjoy playing an online word-guessing game and you are interested in playing this game. You can also play the game with friends.

How to Play Chide Wordle ?

It is possible to play on the official site at no cost. You can play the game on your mobile or desktop browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, etc.You will receive an answer, and then you must figure out the answer. The answer is an acronym with five letters. The game will give you six chances to discover the answer.

Here are some suggestions for taking part in the games. When you insert the correct letter, it turns green. If it is the right letter, however placed in the wrong location the letter will turn yellow. If the letter is incorrect the letter turns red. There is confusion among people about the Chide Wordle. Some people are even uncertain if there exists any other word that is similar to Chide.

The players can also make use of the dictionary. Even after using an online dictionary and getting advice most players fail to figure the correct answer on the first attempt.


If you are also a fan of engage in online games of words, it is recommended to take a look at the wordle game because it’s a fascinating and popular game. It is possible to use the dictionary and receive clues to help you find the correct answer. Apart from the English language, the wordle game is available in different languages, such as Spanish, Italian, etc. Wordle game is available with more than 93 language options.

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