There are many times in the life of a child that they may need some guidance, counseling, and support to overcome their difficulties and get back on track. It might be because they have been bullied at school or need help with their studies which can leave them feeling unhappy, lost, and frustrated. Children’s mental health is a significant concern for parents across Singapore and it’s important that we do everything we can to support them.

What is a Child Psychologist?

A young person’s mental health can be negatively affected when they are experiencing any stress, trauma, or mental health issues. Mental health issues may include things such as depression, anxiety, and phobias. In an attempt to overcome these problems and issues, it might be beneficial for young people to see a Mental Health Specialist who is trained in helping people with the different aspects of their life.

In Singapore, child psychologists are doctors who have been trained and graduated in using psychotherapy to help improve the emotional and mental health of children, adolescents, teens, and young adults. Psychotherapy involves open communication between a therapist and the patient for the purpose of communicating about relevant issues, such as problems or concerns a patient is having. This can benefit children because it allows them to express their feelings in order to deal with them effectively, making it easier for them to improve their relationships with others.

Work Involvement

Child psychologist in Singapore are involved in various areas of children’s mental health, including the assessment of a child in order to determine how they might be helped. A child psychologist may focus on helping children with autism, attention deficit disorder, and other learning disorders. A child psychologist is also trained to work with parents and other caregivers to help them understand how they can best help their child. A child psychologist works with a client to develop strategies that they can use to overcome the problems they are having.

Child psychologists in Singapore may work for their own private practice, or for a governmental organization such as the Ministry of Education. They may also be involved in teaching psychology at a university level or working at a hospital or private clinic.

Child Psychology Specialists

There are two types of psychologists who can work with children: clinical and counseling. A clinical psychologist is someone who has gone to medical school but then has gone on to become specialized in psychology. A counseling psychologist has earned a Master’s degree in psychology and has practiced as a therapist for many years.

Clinical psychologists have had more training in the areas of child therapy, than either clinical counselors or family therapists. Clinical psychologists typically focus on psychotherapy and may conduct tests to help determine a patient’s mental health, physical health, or emotional health. Therapists may also help children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional, and social problems such as depression or anxiety.

The Role of Child Psychologists in Singapore

Child psychologists work as part of a team that includes other mental health professionals, such as psychotherapists or psychiatrists. Each set of professionals works together to ensure that the right care is being provided for children who need mental health treatment.

Children and adolescents with mental health problems may require a variety of different types of treatment. Psychotherapy, which can be done alone or with a parent or therapist, might be suitable for many children who are having difficulty in school or are dealing with emotional issues; however, some children might also benefit from one-on-one counseling sessions. Each child’s treatment needs may vary, so these professionals will first gather as much information as they can about the child and their symptoms.