The dark web is a part of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines. You have no doubt heard of the “dark web” as a hotbed of criminal activity – and it is. And without the hacking tools is honestly impossible to operate. Through extensive research, we got to know some of the hacking tools used in the darknet with their exact work. Here we list them for your convenience:

Binwalk (firmware security analysis and extraction tool)

Binwalk is one of the simplest python-based firmware security analysis tools for firmware analysis, reverse engineering which is followed by extracting images from the firmware. It can scan firmware images for many different file types and integrated file systems. It can extract all the files it detects in the firmware images. It’s also capable of identifying interesting sections of data inside the firmware images and also makes it possible to search the specified files for a custom string.

zBang (privileged account threat detection tool)

It is a known hacking tool for risk management for the detection of privileged account threats on an analyzed network. Red teams and organizations can use zBang to identify potential attack vectors and thus improve the security posture of the network. The results are analyzed using a graphical interface or by examining the raw output files. Five scanning modules in the tool get the job done – ACLight Scan, Skeleton Key Scan, SID History Scan, RiskySPNs Scan and Mystique Scan.

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Memhunter (automatic detection of memory-resident malware)

It is a dark web-based tool for large-scale hunting of memory-resident malware by improving the scanning process and the correction times of threat hunters. Memhunter is a standalone binary that is used for large-scale deployment and management, uses no memory dump, and relies entirely on memory inspection to accomplish its task. Furthermore, it does not require any complex infrastructure for its implementation.

There are other similar Darknet hacking tools available on the market, and what is provided here are just a few.

Bayonet Operation: Successful Darknet Sting Operation To Knock Down A Complete Black Web Market

The dark web market has a surprising relationship with the federal department, as this is well known for the cat and mouse games that are often seen on the dark web. What the federal authorities are doing is pretty simple: Investigating dark network markets, finding the manager, dismantling the site, taking it offline, and causing a dramatic collapse. When all of this is done, law enforcement agencies will search for the next darknet market as part of a deal.

One of those operations was a multinational police withdrawal operation called Operation Bayonet. It peaked in 2017 and targeted the most important dark network markets: AlphaBay and Hansa. In many cases, this operation has been classified not as a simple dismantling but as a real acquisition.

It all started with the fall of the Hansa market and also ended with the fall of the AlphaBay market. Hansa’s darknet market was already on the radar of the German authorities, which other law enforcement agencies used as a tool to locate Hansa. They discovered that one of the servers was directly connected to the AlphaBay dark network market. The operatives immediately brought down the darknet markets and arrested their administrators.

The dark web is a very small part of the World Wide Web and there are approximately 7,000 to 30,000 Toronion URLs or Hidden Wiki links. The dark web is not impenetrable and is within the reach of law enforcement agencies, which have been tested by various dark web markets that are arrested and several people are caught every other day.