Theme parks are popular attractions all around the world, and Australia boasts some seriously great ones of its own! 

Although super popular on a family vacation, theme parks are also loved by travellers from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a quick local day trip, are here on an overseas vacation, or exploring Australia on an extended campervan holiday, you should definitely add a theme park on to your to-do list.

Here is a list of 10 top theme parks in  to help you beat the heat or quench that adrenaline junkie rush. There is something here for everyone. 

The Beach House – Glenelg, South Australia

Located in South Australia and is one of the most sought-after locations for a holiday as a tourist in Australia. Open all year round, serving everyone with unlimited entertainment, the beach house is a popular family getaway and caters to all types of travellers from parties, to holidays, games, waterslides, bumper boats, trains, minigolf, and Dodgem cars; the rides and attractions are endless.  It can be a fun day out for everyone and there is no entry fee. Open all weekends and by appointment during the week, there is never a dull moment for you and the family.  From awesome water slides, for those hot summer days, to the sweet date or family options of mini gold and arcade games, the dry options are also available for you to enjoy. 

The Big Splash Waterpark – Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Located just 20 minutes from the centre of Canberra, sits one of Australia’s oldest theme parks in Australia. Established with only one swimming pool for kids and located at the heart of the Macquarie suburbs, the park began as a community pool, serving as a hangout for kids, adults’ families, and all types of travellers. Canberra’s only outdoor waterpark has advanced ever since its opening and with reasonable pricing for rides and general admission, there is no end to the adventures that can splash into the lives of your family and on your awesome holiday experience together.

Dreamworld – Gold Coast, Queensland

Our number one top suggestion for all families out there is the popular Gold Coast theme park of   It’s not just a hot spot for the family, as one of Australia’s top theme parks, but also for international tourists as well. It is the largest theme park featuring more than forty rides, five exhilarating roller coasters, and a variety of other fun and daring attractions.

You could plot your experience from the slowest through to the fastest such as the Vintage Cars to the Shock Waver bumper ride, or the Big Red Boat; the best kind of Wiggly boating adventure. The more thrill-seeking rides range from the Steel Taipan, Australia’s triple launch coaster to the Giant Drop, the Claw, the most powerful pendulum on the planet, and the Motorcoaster, or gold coaster.

To this top the rides are not the only exciting attraction, there is a native wildlife walkthrough through Australia’s rich natural ecosystems including a rainforest, woodland, wetland and arid wildlife along with daily presentations of tigers, crocodiles, and wildlife talks. There is never a dull moment at this popular attraction and will bring each family member or couple an experience to remember for all time.

Luna Park – Melbourne, Victoria

Of all the theme parks in Australia, Luna Park is the most historic, located in Melbourne on the beautiful shores of Port Philip Bay in St Kilda. The first of all five Luna parks established in Australia, there is never a dull moment in this wonderland paradise. Open Thursday to Saturday 11 am to 11 pm and Wednesday and Sunday 11am-8pm, this fun park has over 100 years of memories to share and is one of Victoria’s most loved theme parks. Since its opening, many things have changed, enjoy the sky rider, the incredible scenic railway-the oldest ride that has operated the longest, the Road Runner, the Red Baron, and the Supernova taking to the skies for 360 spins on a giant tower worthy of a scream of joy, and if you want a real challenge and thrill the Pharaoh’s Curse will fling you 19 meters into the air.

There are many more attractions to choose from and situated on the waters of Melbourne’s beautiful harbour, the view and experience will bring the family together and provide couples and friends with a rich and enticing experience for your holiday getaway.

White Water World – Gold Coast, Queensland

Looking for a way to cool down this summer, located within dreamworld is the incredible White Water World a thriving and thrilling water park featuring 12 slides, heaps of rides, and attractions for all ages including toddlers. Some of the thrilling rides that you can slide down are the Greenroom, a towering 20-meter slide with a 1.5-million-dollar funnel of fun designed for 4 persons in a clover lead tub it accelerates the riders from a 75-meter tunnel to 125 meters before a huge dropout. Or what about the triple vortex, the hottest tubing ride on the planet, its powerful impact, design, and adventure riding will leave riders with winds traveling through dark serpentine tunnels and multiple funnels oscillating the rider several times before dropping them back into the ride and onto the next.  Or perhaps the younger kids want some fun; the Wiggle Bay is where they will have a wiggly wonderful time complete with mini slides, interactive spray colourful water cannons, and giant instruments, and have fun and splash to the wiggly music all day.

Adventure World – Perth, Western Australia

All states of Australia have a theme park that is jam-packed with fun and adventure for family and friends to enjoy. Australia is definitely not short of amazing when it comes to entertainment and thrills for all to experience. Perth is just one of the many states that also have some amazing attractions. The Adventure World is a theme water park exquisitely lined with botanical gardens and lawns with over 25 rides to experience including the new and current Goliath, a giant pendulum swing ride. You can’t forget the adrenaline-pumping Roller Coaster Abyss and the infamous Kraken, the longest tallest, and steepest funnel water slide on the planet. Located only 25 minutes from Perth and 15 minutes from Fremantle by car and is also easily accessible by transport. Guests are provided with a unique and memorable experience, driven by excellent service for an unforgettable site.

Warner Brothers Movie World – Gold Coast, Queensland

Of all the popular and famous theme parks in Australia, the Warner Brothers Movie World is the only park based on movies. Located in the heart of Oxenford people and their families get to meet their favourite stars ad superheroes as well as enjoy the breath-taking and adventurous rides and slides on offer. From encountering Tweety Bird to Scooby Doo or Batman, the experience is a rollercoaster ride amidst the iconic characters.

The rides will also create an unforgettable experience for everyone, helping them to make memories with their favourite DC superheroes ad super villains. Ride the DC Rivals Hyper Coaster the tallest, longest/ and fastest hyper coaster in the Southern Hemisphere, witness Hollywood stunt divers with a live action movie featuring incredible stunts and precision driving, and watch 4D films that keep you enticed and involved in your movie experience on the Gold Coast.

Jamberoo Action Park – Jamberoo-Curramore, New South Wales

One of the best water parks in Australia is known as Jamberoo Action Park. It offers the most variety of water rides and group rides that cater to all levels of ability and agility. Located in the heart of Curramore in New South Wales, surrounded by gorgeous country side and nearby to another hotspot of NSW, known as Kiama, Jamberoo is a summer place for, everyone, to visit. 

Experience some of the most incredible water rides around, swirl down the long Funnel Web, get stuck with the Taipan, bobsled down the mountain’s lush countryside, get lost in the storm ride, or float along the circle ring river enjoying the lush rainforest overgrowth and waterfall caves.

There is also a new attraction that will make your trip worthwhile and leave you wanting more. Jump into the new velocity falls and race on mats or be shot out at full speed down your own super slide, you will experience a thrill like you never have never felt before. If you want action this summer, Jamberoo is definitely the place for you.

Wetside Water Park – Hervey Bay, Queensland

Queensland is filled with incredible attractions for couples, families, and friends. Of course, the place of paradise is filled with incredible water parks and attractions. The Westside Water Park is another theme park experience that should definitely be on your list this summer. Located on the foreshore at the junction of the main street and the esplanade of Hervey Bay, this water park is exciting, family-friendly and a great place to be.

Open every day of the week 10am-5pm, entry is free with a cost for waterslides and the incredible Aqua Ninja. Be ready to get excited about the waterslides, the Aqua Ninja Adventure course, Waterplay area and you can’t forget the mountain light show every Saturday at 7 pm. There is a sweet place to eat every day at the restaurant adjacent; so much fun even for kids with their very own toddler play area side for those under 5 to also have fun.

Funfields – Whittlesea, Victoria

Imagine sliding down rides that are built high into the air or trying to escape the waves of a Volcano Beach, as well as the heated water underneath or taking a thrill ride on the Voodoo 360 a full loop ride, or racing down the Kraken or sloping along the Typhoon slide ride that holds the world record and this is just the beginning of what you can experience at the Funfields theme park; located only 40kms from Melbourne’s central and has just added the New Dragons Revenge swing ride and the Mystic Kingdom.

It’s the hottest theme park of Australia’s most exhilarating water rides of both wet and dry attractions set over 40 acres of stunning Victorian countryside. It has been voted as Victoria’s hottest theme park and has grown since its opening, now home to 21 rides and attractions, and is ideal both for days out, parties, and events.

Australia is a wide vast land jampacked with so much fun that can rival any theme park round the world, especially in regard to water site attractions. This summer experience one of the incredible theme parks and don’t look back as you make these top 10 your bucket list challenge; by the end, you will be saying that Australia has it all; there is never a dull moment down under.