For a long time in the history of mobile applications, the standard model wants to create a single lamp for a single utility. This stereotype was broken by the introduction of apps that provide multiple services under a single umbrella. Suitably and aptly called super applications are super apps,. These apps function like the Swiss Army knife of the mobile app world.

While there were multiple items from countries like China, India, and Japan… one app that stood out from the small crowd of super applications is the innovation from Indonesia called Gojek. Gojek is to super apps as to how Xerox is to photocopiers. Gojek established a strong case for the dependability, viability, and profitability of super applications.

There are a lot of super apps that have been springing up left, right, and Center. While super apps inherently present a lot of advantages, there is a need for these super apps to change according to the demands of time.

Advantages of super apps

The first and foremost advantage… And the most obvious one brought about by super apps is that users do not have to toggle between applications for availing of multiple services. This makes it easy for users to converge everything under a Single app, saving their phone space.

This also provides an interesting and easy avenue for users to utilize the cashback that they might get. If, for example, they get a cashback on a cab ride, they can use it for purchasing groceries online which might not have been possible if there was only one utility provided by the app.

Having multiple applications creates a repository and a record for all the services used by a user. It makes it easy for the user to manage their finances and spending patterns.

Super apps not only present advantages for users but also for the business. One advantage that was particularly relevant during the Pandemic crisis time is the fact that even if one service fails to strike in the market, another service easily compensates for the losses. For example, during the pandemic… There was no need for people to utilize cab services like Uber. But there was an increase in the need for people to purchase groceries online. A super app could have easily utilized its fleet of drivers to facilitate grocery delivery.

In most cases, the super app company does not develop the little applications that reside within the app. It is developed by independent developers or start-ups that eventually plan on selling out the app to the super app company. It saves a lot of time and money for the super app company and at the same time, also encourages independent developers and small companies to create apps and utilities for the super app ecosystem.

Super apps increase operational efficiency. It lowers your operational costs because you do not have to hire administrative and operational staff. The entire system is automated, so you do not encounter errors that could happen because of human lapses. You can even consider augmenting your cost-saving by introducing monetization features like commissions, banner ads, cancellation charges, and subscription fees.

Another important advantage that super applications bring to the table is the richness of data. When a user avails of multiple services under a single umbrella, there is a possibility of rich, precise, and profile-able data being available for the company. This piece of data comes in handy when providing microfinance services. This is one of the reasons why super application companies can process loan requests in a very short time and that too, and very low default rates.

The last point is one of the reasons why the West has not been able to produce many super apps. However, it is just a matter of time before all the countries and economies start embracing this idea where a user and the company boat stand to benefit from this transformation.

Making your offering better…

With the availability of Gojek clone, it becomes easy for any entrepreneur to launch their own super app. While the technology can remain constant, there are a few operational improvements that can spell the difference between the success and failure of your super app business.

A distinguishing factor during these testing times is the availability of top-notch customer service across multiple platforms. Having an accessible customer care team that can give proper solutions and resolutions goes a long distance in ensuring that a customer sticks to that particular brand. Passively, good customer support serves as a marketing tool by itself.

Regulating your costs for rush deliveries also works wonders. It is to be noted that people are ready to pay something but not a lot if they need to get a service executed quicker than usual. Considering the dynamics of the market, you can implement this pricing model where you achieve customer satisfaction without being perceived as an expensive option.

Gearing up for the new normal

The Gojek alternative app should be geared to accommodate the requirements of the new normal post the pandemic.

  • When it comes to offering rides, that should be a limit on the number of passengers building the cab.
  • Face Masks should be made mandatory. Artificial intelligence can be incorporated to find out if a driver or a passenger is wearing masks. If not, both the driver and the passenger can have the right to cancel the booking without any cancellation charges.
  • Voice instruction feature can be enabled for drivers to precisely reach the location of the user in the event of the GPS not being enough.
  • Restaurants can be encouraged to upload pictures of the kitchen to see how they comply with the safety protocols.
  • Timeslots can be allotted for each store owner and restaurant to ensure that they are not crowded and to be flexible with their operations.
  • People can be encouraged to participate in vaccination drives by slashing the rates for trips to vaccination centers.

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An app like Gojek is a perfect combination of utility and it creates an ecosystem that benefits almost every party involved in the ecosystem. To ensure that you are a part of this profitable business arena.. You can either build a super app like Gojek from scratch or alternatively, use the Gojek Clone script.

A Gojek Clone script can be customized according to your brand and business requirements. It is also free from glitches that might interfere with the basic functions except for the app. With a few elements of customization,. You are all set to launch your own Gomel alternative app to provide multiple Utilities under a single umbrella.