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About Ihealthee Website

Design from Design in the United States, this site offers health products and brands that are listed within the area of nutrition for sports Vitamin supplements, herbs from Ayurveda and healthy drinks for fitness and to develop a site with a solid review.

Products that are related to protein gainer music instrument essentials, juice drinks, clothing for immunity boosters and personal skincare products that are easily accessible with a quick sales on our special offer.

The site also provides descriptions on pages that are similar to the us refund policy, the shipping privacy contractor as well as the social networks. But, it is crucial to check the legitimacy of Ihealthee Legitbefore purchasing.


  • Name of Website:
  • Website Type: The website provides products related to sport and well-being.
  • Product Category: The products such as protein gainer multivitamins antioxidants and pre-workout gainers Jim assists Asus accessories for skincare and herbs, as and clothes are also provided.
  • Contact number: there is no information about the address
  • Contact number: Not mentioned on the site.
  • Email:
  • Payment options: MasterCard Paypal, Paypal, or MasterCard
  • Shipping Policy: The shipping will take between 1 and 5 business days following the processing of the item
  • Time to deliver: delivery of international orders could be a week long, but there will be there are no additional costs as stated in the following: the Ihealthee Review.
  • Return Policy: Orders made within 7 business days may be returned and reimbursement.
  • Link to Social Media: The brand names are only displayed on their site and are is not displayed on the other E-Commerce platform.

Pros of Website

  • The site runs on the https protocol.
  • Every item has a chance to sell of
  • The site has genuine testimonials and descriptions of the products.

Cons of Product

  • The site is ranked low at 21.8 This is extremely low
  • The website was first created on February 3, 2021.
  • The site’s popularity is 370000. This is a normal
  • The trust index is 10%.

Is Ihealthee Legit

  • Website Age – this website was launched on February 3rd, 2001, so it is not that long ago.
  • A Trust Score on the Website The trust score for the site is 21.8 This is a lot lower and must be improved.
  • Position in Alexa It’s 3720069th in Alexa.
  • The authenticity of the contact address There isn’t a contact number or office verification address listed on the website to demonstrate its authenticity
  • It is legal to use the Email ID: there is only one email ID for customer support is available on the site
  • I Healthee Reviews – The Customer Ihealthee Review Review – Terrano No customer reviews on the site appears to be a mess and has a low profile.
  • Content on the Website OriginalityThe site promotes products that are simple to draw focus on, but numerous grammatical mistakes are evident in the text.
  • The owner’s identity is not one single identity of the owner and its contact information is given.
  • Social Media Connection – the products are only extracted from the official website, and there are no social media connections identified.
  • The exchange and return policiesThe return policy is in place for seven days
  • Refund Policy: Not all items qualify to be refunded.

Ihealthee Reviews

It’s evident that the website is not new to its customers and appears suspicious. When you go through the reviews from customers and the credibility, it is not unexpected to discover that it was fake! Thus, readers should be cautious when using sites that are scams for search.

To be sure the customer can submit feedback as a formal complaint.

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In the end our experts conclude that the website isn’t worth the cost. Websites with a lower trust scores and lacks guiding information should never be visited. With the assistance from the Ihealthee Review you’ll be able to understand the reasons that our experts suggest that users not to invest in suspicious search websites.