This article explains different ways of window cleaning. It is important to read this article before you search for window cleaning services near me in Perth WA on the internet. Because it will give you enough background knowledge before you hire a professional window cleaner. Similarly, it will also help you in getting the best Carpet cleaning service in Perth WA. So let’s start without wasting time.

When you google for the best window cleaning services near me in Perth WA. You get a lot of results. But how to choose the right cleaning company? It needs some basic knowledge. Most cleaning companies mention the types of services on their website they offer. But sometimes not. So this article explains different ways of window cleaning they most cleaning companies offer.

Traditional Window Cleaning: As clear from the name traditional is old but still the most commonly used method for window cleaning. In this method, you or a window cleaner do not need any special equipment. All you need is a bucket, Soap Solution, squeegee, and a cloth. Using this method, you can clean inside, and outside windows, frames, and sills. This method is very cost-effective and simple. If you are looking for cost-effective window cleaning services near me in Perth WA.  You can check out Perth Home Cleaners‘ window cleaning Services.

Water Fed Poles Window Cleaning: This method is best for cleaning windows up to eighty feet height. This is method of window cleaning is best where ladders are not recommended. In this method brush and water jet is attached with a telescopic pole. Water is first sprayed on the window and then using a brush dirt is removed. While the whole system is operated from the ground. As here only pure water is used therefore it is the most environmentally friendly method. Hire a professional window cleaner or carpet cleaning service in Perth WA with one click.

Mobile Elevated Window Cleaning method: If the height of a building is more than eighty feet. Then another type of window cleaning method is used. Which is called a mobile elevated platform. This method is best for high-rise buildings up to sixty meters. In this method a window cleaner setting in a cradle while the cradle is operated with a mechanical system. Or in other words, it is a type of mobile mechanical lifting system. However, this method has some associated risks. Such as falling from a height, falling objects, and exposure to power lines and other weather conditions.

Abseil Window Cleaning: This type of window cleaning is also referred to as rope access. This method is best for the buildings where high cost is associated with scaffolding. In this method, window cleaners are connected with two individually anchored ropes. Using these ropes, the cleaner can either Move Up or Down. Before using this method always ensure that the 

  • The staff is properly trained.
  • Equipment meets the safety standards
  • Third party backup is available.
  • Availability of Proper communication and precautionary signs is ensured

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