If your home has heat control or ventilation problems, one proven quick fix is spray foam insulation. It is also pretty cheap compared to other conventional methods in the market today. However, the quest to achieve energy efficiency in your home doesn’t come without some downsides. 

The experts At Stellrr Insulation & Spray Foam believe that one such downside is the effects spray foam insulation has on your health, which is why it’s important to stay out of your house while the insulation process is underway and, some time afterward. But, for how long is the question we are looking to answer. Let’s dive in! Also read: blue face house

How Long Should You Not Be in Your House After Spray Foam Insulation is Installed?

The absolute minimum you can stay out of your house when the spray foam is applied is 24 hours. However, your home’s ventilation plays a crucial role in how long the spray foam lasts. If your home is poorly ventilated, it can take 48 to 72 hours for the lingering foam insulation to disappear. 

Are the Spray Foam Insulation Fumes Dangerous?

Yes, spray foam fumes are dangerous, which is why it’s crucial to stay out of your house for 24 hours or until the smell clears out. These fumes can aggravate symptoms for people with certain conditions like asthma. Spray foam insulation fumes can also cause suffocation under certain conditions.

Also, chemicals present in the spray foam insulation solution, like HFC, have also been linked to causing heart problems in people with a history of cardiovascular diseases. Other mild effects like eye and skin irritation can be experienced when exposed to fumes for a particular time.

Eliminating the Foul Smell

As mentioned earlier, your home’s ventilation plays a crucial role in helping get rid of the spray foam insulation smell within a short time. This is why it’s vital to have a plan for your ventilation. Your plan should include:

Contacting the Foam Spray Company 

If the smell doesn’t disappear after 72 hours, then there is a problem, as spray foam fumes shouldn’t linger for that long. There is a high probability that the chemicals used weren’t mixed properly, the foam was installed improperly, or there’s a crack in the insulation foam. 

If you suspect the chemicals weren’t mixed right, contacting your manufacturer or spray foam company can help you know if the chemical ratio they used was correct. They can also check if the spray foam is insulating correctly.

Sealing Leaking Ducts

If the chemicals were mixed appropriately, then there is a high probability that your ducts are leaking. You can prevent the smell from leaking into the rest of the house by sealing your leaking ducts.

Also, if your ventilation system has a problem, you can use the following items to get rid of the smell.

  • The exhaust fan will circulate air throughout the house and cause the foul air to exit the room.
  • A Mechanical System: This machine will exchange the old air in your house for fresh and breathable air by filtering air outside before entering your home. You can also pair this system with a fan. Pairing the two will help balance the air the machine brings into the house.
  • Air Filter: You can also include an air filter in your ventilation plan. An air filter will help reduce or eliminate the foam odor by absorbing the strong smell the spray foam produces.

Seal Your Attic

If the odor still lingers, your last option should be sealing the attic. However, ensure that you do it if the other options mentioned above haven’t worked. Sealing the attic will require you to cover any openings within the living space and the attic.

This will help prevent the exchange of air between the living space and the attic. However, it does come with several problems, like the lack of proper airflow. There is also a high likelihood of humidity problems with no airflow between your living space and the attic but you can also install a dehumidifier to tackle this problem. 

It’s no secret that spray foam insulation can sometimes be a pain, mainly because it can affect your health. But, with the proper ventilation plan, you never have to worry about being outside your home for more than 72 hours. But, if you are ever in a fix, you can always contact a spray foam insulation company for help.